In Search of Mount Sinai

Wait, there is a need to search for Mt. Sinai? After all, it can be found on maps or with an internet search. That is true to some extent. However, it may depend on the mapmaker because the location of Mt. Sinai is disputed. What may be the majority opinion may not be the historical location. You savvy?

Mt. Sinai is important in biblical history, as anyone who actually reads the Bible can tell you. Dealing with history of even 150 years ago can be difficult, and this involves thousands of years.

There are several possibilities for the actual location of Mt. Sinai. With the Bible as history, some ideas can be dismissed, others are intriguing.
Sunrise on a possible Mt. Sinai location, Unsplash / Vlad Kiselov
There are several candidates for its location. Some can be dismissed by using the biblical text that describes travel time and landmarks. Other possible places suggested consider what the Bible says, and they incorporate other factors. Some are rather intriguing.
The Bible presents Mount Sinai as a real location, and later in biblical history it took Elijah 40 days to get from Beersheba to Mount Sinai (1 Kings 19:3–8). The question is: where is Mount Sinai? . . . According to the biblical text, the location of Mount Sinai should at least meet certain criteria: it should be an 11-day journey from Kadesh-barnea (Deuteronomy 1:2)7 and within grazing distance of the “land of Midian” (Exodus 2:15, 3:1). . . . Although the location of Mount Sinai is not a vital part of the Christian faith, it does hold historical and theological importance as it is the place where God revealed himself to his people, Israel. This article will evaluate six popular sites that have been suggested as the possible location for Mount Sinai.

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