Darwinist Happy that Evolution is Fracturing

There are fossils out of place (including living fossils), organisms allegedly evolving faster or earlier than thought, and many other things falsify evolution. What is the response of Darwin's disciples? Frown thoughtfully, stroke their chins, adjust their spectacles, raise their eyebrows, then pretend to be excited when facts do not meet their expectations.

Many evolutionists admit that neo-Darwinism fails and uniform agreement among its proponents is nonexistent. It should not be a complete surprise that an evolutionist says that the fracturing in evolution is actually a good thing.

Many times, evolutionists pretend to be excited when reality does not meet their expectations. One of them thinks fracturing evolution is a good thing.

A certain professor points out that many evolutionists are specializing in various fields, so there are numerous efforts claiming to demonstrate evolution that do not include other fields. (They are unified in their religious fervor with naturalism, so diversity is wonderful — but keep those biblical creationists and intelligent design folks out, you betcha!) It shows this child that they are together in their rebellion against the Creator and his Word, but facts and true science will never support evolution.
In this monologue (not really a “conversation”), Eric Svensson, an evolutionary ecology professor at Lund University in Sweden freely confesses that Neo-Darwinism, which has been taught as indisputable fact for nearly a century—to the extent of censoring alternatives and punishing skeptics—is currently a hopeless mess.

. . .

The fracturing today was baked in by the shortsightedness of its inventors. Svensson tells how the “modern synthesis” (Neo-Darwinism) was put together by a few specialists without considering the big picture. . .

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