Secular Geologists Revise Age of Yosemite — Downward

Those of us who pay attention to biblical creation science articles, videos, and so on are unlikely to be surprised to learn that Yosemite National Park is having its age changed. Signs of the times? Well, the signage has been revised in several places, making those parks officially younger.

Uniformitarian geologists presuppose deep time and gradual processes, so many of their assertions are not based on any empirical evidence. Occasionally, secular scientists want to dig deeper. What they find often shocks the scientific establishment. This occurred with Yosemite.

Geologists have greatly revised the dates of Yosemite. Previous ages were based on guesswork, but some scientists wanted to actually do research.
El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, 1903 / NY Public Library
Dating methods involve a framework that uses numerous assumptions. Even so, this research overturned previous guesses. While the dates do not line up with those of biblical creationists, they are a great deal younger than previous guesses and put a frown on Papa Darwin's face. The scientists also did not resort to the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™.

This is being posted on Thanksgiving Day in the formerly United States, and have many things for which we can thank our Creator. One of these is that our Creator gave us minds — which he expects us to use. Also, we have the truth of his Word, evidence to support recent creation, the Genesis Flood, creation scientists who present information that secularists ignore or suppress, and salvation through Jesus Christ. In addition, we can be thankful that not all secular scientists are locked into their paradigms and actually conduct scientific research.

For decades, tourists reading the scientific explanations for Yosemite Valley have been taught that the iconic glaciated valley formed 40 million years ago or more. But did geologists know that? Here is what five geologists with a new estimate just revealed:

“Yosemite Valley is one of the most famous topographic features on the planet,” said glaciologist Kurt Cuffey, UC Berkeley professor of geography and of earth and planetary science. “And of course, if you go to Yosemite Park and read the signage, they will give you numbers for when it became a deep canyon. But up until this project, every single claim about how old this valley is, when it formed a deep canyon, was just based on assumptions and speculation.”

They just made it up!

A little artwork and some authoritative pronouncements tell the public, “Scientists say” and it becomes gospel truth. Unlike some gospels, certain geological and biological gospels have ways of evolving.

To read the rest, see "Yosemite Just Got a Lot Younger." You'll thank me later.