Beavers Offsetting Global Climate Change

The secular science industry is consistent in several ways, especially when they are pursuing an agenda. With both global climate change (a darling of leftists) and particles-to-podiatrist evolution (essential to atheism), inconvenient facts are often ignored, waved off, and even suppressed.

Another problem is that scientists often display arrogance and haste, making pronouncements when they should have not only considered all the data, but also have realized more would surface. A bit hairy surprise is how beavers are offsetting global warming.

In evolution and climate change, the secular science industry acts in haste with insufficient data. Now we see that beavers affect climate change.
Beaver in water, NPS / Rocky Mountain National Park, modified at PhotoFunia (usage does not imply endorsement)
Beavers were created to be exceptional engineers. Some people consider them pests because they interfere with human plans. That may need rethinking. While they cannot completely offset global warming, they make an impact on that and on ecosystems in many ways. Especially in removing nitrates at a far greater rate than other climate details. Beavers have other effects as well.

The protection of water quality by beaver dams is much greater than the protection offered by seasonal extremes in river flow. And as global warming grows, there will be more beavers to build more dams, expanding the beneficial feedback effect.

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