Biden Vampyropod Testifies Against Evolution

It seems like a dubious honor to name a fossil squid after Joe Biden, but it also shows the leftist leanings of the secular science industry. (No word if this vampyropod used its tentacles to caress young  female offspring of other critters or if it sniffed their hair.) All that aside, the claims that this is an evolutionary ancestor are the opposite of the truth.

Odd that squid fossils are found in Montana, but then, there are numerous fossil beds of marine creatures far inland. This one had (wait for it) well-preserved soft tissues. We are seeing — again — evidence of rapid burial, not the slow and gradual conditions of uniformitarianism. Things get worse...

A squid fossil named after Joe Biden is being used to promote evolution. Actually, it works against evolution, supporting creation and the Genesis Flood.
Syllipsimopodi bideni, WikiComm / Christopher D. Whalen & Neil H. Landman (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Old fossil squid compared to modern squid, no appreciable change. It's in the wrong place by millions of Darwin years, so evolutionists have to revise their dogma again. That's because it displaces squids from being contemporaneous to dinosaurs and makes them older. Oh, and we also have the same contradictory stuff where, instead of increasing complexity, loss of body parts is claimed to be evolution. Sure. Secularists keep trying to demonstrate evolution, uniformitarianism, an old earth, but keep getting stymied by the truth of recent creation and the Genesis Flood.
An interesting new species of fossilised squid-like creature, sporting 10 tentacles, has been found in Montana, USA, and given the name Syllipsimopodi bideni. Among the cephalods, it is more particularly called a vampyropod. Its discoverers claim it is ancestral to both octopuses and vampire squid. An octopus has eight (‘octo’) arms. Squid belong to the superorder Decapodiformes and have 10 (‘deca’) arms; compare the word ‘decade’.

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