Telling a Just-So Story of Fish Skulls and Evolution

Something that amazes this child is how Western society claims to value reason, but Darwinists are allowed to give us Just-So Stories and fact-free assertions (like this one) about our origins. Creationists challenge them and show where their logic and science are lacking. Occasionally, other evolutionists step up as well.

Mayhaps it is because folks are buffaloed by the perceived authority of scientists so they accept such pronouncements. When told how fish evolved into walking four-limbed critters, no evidence is produced. Now they build on stories with misplaced science involving fish skulls. Would this kind of "evidence" stand up in a court of law?

Now these yahoos are comparing the skulls of fish with tetrapods. They presuppose fish-to-fool evolution, then think their observations support it. However, there are distinct differences and other factors that belie their claims. This is because the Creator made fish and tetrapods and humans and everything else in six days just a few thousand years ago. Such evolution never happened, old son. You can see what this is all about by reading "Do Fish Skulls Show Evolution?"