Moon Impact Model Swims the Luna Sea

We have been through this origin of the moon stuff before, but they keep gnawing on those old bones. Dipping an old bone in sauce may make it taste better for a spell but it is still an old bone. None of the stories make sense, but naturalists need an origin story, so the best of the worst is the impact theory.

The story goes that Earth was a molten blob, and another inconsiderate planet came along and smashed into it. Instead of rendering both planets a mess of cosmic splatters, Earth evolved into what we have today, and some stuff formed the Moon. Yes, secularists believe such things, and NASA is sliding downhill with the rest of the secular science industry.

An old silly story about cosmic impact forming the moon was brought back by NASA. Now it happened faster, but the story is more ludicrous than before.
Artist's concept of planetary collision, NASA (Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
NASA brought this thing to the fore because they were playing with a video game.

"That's silly, Cowboy Bob!"

I took that term from the article featured below because it fits. Researchers were tinkering with making computer models, and they finally got something that they liked — and the formation of that moon happened much faster than previous concepts. Sure. All this by chance, including how the moon is essential for life on Earth. No, pilgrim, the moon was placed up yonder by the Master Engineer to help life down here, and probably for our pleasure as well. Cosmic evolution, deep time, and chance were not involved.

Collision May Have Formed the Moon in Mere Hours, Simulations Reveal (NASA Ames Research Center, 4 Oct 2022). Mere hours? What happened to the billions of years? Oh, they are still there. It went like this: Billions of yearssszzzz…Poof!…Billions of yearssszzzz. In this latest version of the Poof Spoof, NASA claims that the moon essentially popped into existence within hours after an incoming asteroid hit the Earth. Well, at least it works in a computer game played by materialists called “Computational Cosmology” (like Sim-Moon).

Read the rest and weep how these jaspers get paid for their ludicrous efforts at denying God over at "NASA Goes Loony: Moon Formed in Mere Hours?"