Humans have no Value in Darwinism

Mount up, get to the top of the hill, and get a look-see at the big picture. Consistent believers in descent-with-modifications evolution maintain that humanity is a product of time, chance, random mutations, natural selection, and lots of luck. Despite our achievements, humanity is an accident worth about as much as scree.

Also notice that believers in evolutionism belittle Darwin deniers because we supposedly reject science. (Such a claim is fallacious.) Indeed, we reject bad science, and thinking people are not impressed by a fistful of maybes and opinions.

Scree, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen
After the Big Bang, stars and planets formed, life came from nonlife, and everything ultimately evolved from a common ancestor. To be consistent, evolution cannot allow for purpose.

Nice story. If it were true, every living thing is related — which is a factor in radical environmentalism. It also means that humans are worth very little, which is the opposite of the biblical teaching that we were created in the image of God, and are special.

Ask an evolutionist why we are here, and you will see that they are unable to answer that particular question. Although the idea is disputed among secular scientists, humans supposedly arose in Africa, and one Darwinist evosplains that the continent "allowed for" it. Men evolved to care for babies, but things happened. We evolved to hunt prey over long distances. Look at those smaller points from the hill — applying what you see from the big view — and see that they just don't work. Also, secularists sneak in teleology (purpose) for evolution now and then.

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