No Evolution of the Immaterial Mind

Believers in minerals-to-mentalist evolution think that the brain as well as the other amazingly complex organs happened through materialistic means. Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Darwin's friend and rival, could not accept that the mind was a materialistic process, suggesting a kind of Intelligent Design.

Indeed, believing in evolution itself requires amazing credulity, but guesses by scientists as to how the mind evolved may cause people to wonder if they have any idea what they are talking about. Evidence of intelligence from ancient man flusters evolutionists.

Mind and brain art, FreeDigitalPhotos / MR LIGHTMAN
It is human nature to want to grow, expand, change, develop, and all that good stuff. To sit around doing nothing for huge amounts of time after we supposedly evolved goes against human nature, especially since so much has happened in just a few centuries. Our ancient ancestors were intelligent, not stupid brutes like the story of evolution requires.

The article featured below is from the Discovery Institute, an Intelligent Design outfit. The author accepts deep time, but if he was a biblical (young Earth) creationist, he may have pointed out the inconsistency mentioned above. Not only does it take the Creator to make the human mind, the evidence also points to the fact that he did it recently.
Over 150 years ago, the battle over the human mind sidelined Alfred Russel Wallace from the elite science group that gathered around his co-theorist Charles Darwin. Wallace was unwilling to concede that the human mind is merely an organ that has evolved like any other.

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Yet Wallace’s skepticism was well justified. We have no evidence to support the assertion that the human mind evolved over time by natural processes. No one knows how our ancestors began to think like humans.

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The little-noticed trend is that the historical evidence of humans thinking like humans keeps getting pushed back by many thousands of years as more artifacts from the very ancient past turn up. “Earlier than thought” has become a science media cliché in this area.

The entire article is located at "Evolutionists Are Stymied by the Human Mind." The following video is entirely secular, but still contains some interesting information.