Materialists Attacking Each Other

Although it is not something that attracts a great deal of attention of the general public, there are occasions when materialists spit venom at one another. Some things that this child has seen is that some atheists are not vicious enough to please other atheists.

Misotheists lead the charge against Intelligent Design and biblical creation science, showing hostility toward people who have views that they dislike. As mentioned before, the ID movement is distinctly non-creationist as a whole, but atheists still portray it as creation science.

The Ambush, Albert Bierstadt, 1876
Folks like Clinton Richard Dawkins as well as many other professing atheists are committed to materialism; material is all there is, therefore, no God. When someone says that God exists, that person is considered stupid and anti-science. However, atheists have a fundamentally-flawed epistemology and they presuppose a universe without God, They claim to love science and logic, but their reasoning is irrational.

Evolution is the origin mythology for secularists, and they cling to it with great desperation. When people in a public setting dare to teach creation, Intelligent Design, or to examine evolution "warts and all," misotheists launch secular jihads against them. And yet, some of these same leaders of atheism claim that they believe science needs healthy debate and to thoroughly examine all the facts — but also attack each other, bringing to mind Galatians 5:15.

First some background. A cadre of atheist scientists, including cosmologist Lawrence Krauss and evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, have long worked to silence and deplatform scientists who hold to the theory of intelligent design (ID), the view that some things in nature are best explained as resulting from a designing intelligence, rather than from any purely mindless cause, such as Darwinian evolution. 

Some ID-friendly scientists have even lost their jobs, thanks to the efforts of such men. This has led the intelligent design community to advocate for the academic freedom to challenge modern evolutionary thought.

To read the the entire article (and keep in mind that it is from an ID perspective, so they distance themselves from biblical creation science), see "When Materialism Turns on Its Own."