Secularists Affirm Global Catastrophes Elsewhere but not Earth

Things got interesting at my place with surprise visitors and all. First, Darwin Ranch foreman Rusty Swingset and his lady friend Jacqueline Hyde (who was not herself that day) dropped in on their way to Deception Pass. We yakked about what may be getting built in town, and they left.

About five minutes later, I was surprised when Stevia Dolce (the baker at the Darwin Ranch) knocked at my door. She brought some croissants. However, she said she waited until the others had gone because she did not want them to know that she visited.

Mars shows signs of flooding, but has almost no water now. Earth had the Genesis Flood and has water still. Many secularists deny the evidence here.
Color-enhanced image of the delta in Jezero Crater on Mars, NASA / JPL et al. (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Stevia keeps mum about her evolution doubts because she needs the job at the ranch. (I know the feeling, as I have to do the same when dealing with "pride" month and science deniers who have "preferred pronouns".) Anyway, I told Stevia that she doesn't need to give me baked goods or other gifts, that I freely give what I've learned about biblical creation science. She brings them because she wants to. Fair enough.

It's great when creationists plant seeds in the hearts and minds of people. Especially when they start thinking and come back for more information. Stevia keeps her ears open, and heard discussions about evidence for global catastrophes on Venus and Mars. The explanations about what happened on Venus were just plain weird, but there is evidence that Mars had lots of water at one time — but there's almost no water there now.

The same people who can see evidence for massive flooding on Mars deny that there is evidence for it on Earth. There are several reasons for this, but assumptions and a naturalistic worldview play a big part of it. Although a few in the secular science industry are ponder the idea that it is reasonable to consider supernatural explanations when the evidence supports them, and most know that the Genesis Flood has plenty of evidence. What secularists detest is that the Flood means there was a global judgment for sin, and we had better pay attention to God's Word.
The book of Genesis tells us that a worldwide flood engulfed the earth at the time of Noah. Genesis 7:11 lists two sources for the waters of the flood: the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of heaven were opened. The windows of heaven being opened obviously refers to rain, but what of the fountains of the great deep bursting forth?

There are different theories about exactly what this means, but all of them suggest that there was immense tectonic upheaval at the time of the flood. We can see evidence of this upheaval all over the planet, if we’re looking for it.

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