The Non-Law of Evolution

The tension in the room was obvious to everyone, and I was aware of my neck and back muscles tensing. "Evolution is a fact. A law!" Rusty Swingset had raised his voice considerably. He punctuated his exclamation by slamming his fist on the table. The teaspoons rattled in our empty cups.

Many believers in descent-with-modifications evolution emphatically agree. Some say scientists know that evolution is a fact, but they are still hashing out the details. Indeed, to say that evolution is a law seems excessive, but the claim was even used in a paper in Academia Biology.

Hollow log in forest, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen (modified)
More specifically, they are talking about evolution by means of natural selection. Some folks say that natural selection is evolution, but that's conflation on definitions, old son. Creationists believe in natural selection, and it does not produce a new organism; no new genetic material is added.

It's a mite silly to call evolution a law when, in many ways, scientists disagree on details and mechanisms. Also, evolution is propped up by bad logic (especially begging the question in using evolution to prove evolution), throttling contrary data and evidence, and even outright fraud. Calling it a law is not in serious books and documentaries, is it? The tinhorns who call it a law need to adjust their thinking. In fact, biblical creationists have shown serious flaws in evolutionary thinking and have made scientific predictions that came true.
“Evolution by natural selection is a scientific law and not just a theory.” No, this quote wasn’t lifted from an atheist blog or a Reddit rant. It’s not from an angry Facebook outburst either. Instead, it was the title of a recent academic paper.

And, no, the authors weren’t conceding that evolution is just a theory in the popular sense. They gave no evidence of ever thinking that evolution is just a hypothesis or a guess. Rather, they used theory in the strict scientific sense—that evolution is supported by a wide body of evidence:

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