The Man Who Shot Darwinism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

The title is a nod to the movie that inspired this here article, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Note the big spoiler alert, so if you were planning on watching that 1962 black-and-white classic, you might want to save the link to this article for later.

John Ford was a legendary director, but some reports say he was miserable to work with. Despite this, John Wayne credited Ford for developing his acting skills. A good director brings out the best in actors. (If you study on it, some pictures with great actors are crummy because of poor directing.) Lee Marvin portrayed Liberty Valance as an ornery cuss quite well.

An Argument with the Town Marshall / Frederic Remington, 1907
Many of Duke's films had a fun elements, but this picture was grim.

Senator Ransom Stoddard (James Stewart) came back to the town of Shinbone and told his story to reporters. I said Liberty Valance was ornery, but that's understatement — he would beat people (including Ransom Stoddard, not yet a Senator) with his silver-handled whip. When Valance came into town causing trouble between holdups, people let him abuse them however he wanted. Tom Doniphon (John Wayne) was about the only man who could stand up to him.

One more chance for y'all to rein in because I'm going to discuss a major plot point.

The title tells us that Liberty Valance gets shot, so the audience spends almost two hours wondering who and when. The story is set up so we think we know that Stoddard shot him, but he and the audience are surprised to learn that someone else that fired the fatal shot.

After telling the story to reporters, Senator Stoddard was surprised when the reporters destroyed their notes. When asked why, he was told, "This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."

I started watching The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance on John Wayne's birthday, May 26. After I was done was mulling it over, something struck me: The legend of Darwinism.

There are men and women in biblical creation science, the Intelligent Design community, and even a few mavericks in the secular science industry who shot descent with modification evolution. Alleged facts have been overturned, research discredited, the peer review process is infested with fakery and fraud, Darwin's disciples have been caught lying, and more.

But the damage has been done. People believe the legend. In the movie, Liberty Valance stayed dead. Darwinism is still walking around.

Outdated and discredited "evidence" for evolution (cosmic as well as biological) is still believed by evolutionists. Peer-reviewed journals (even those that have been retracted) are cited for support of new papers. The legend has become fact in the minds of people, so keep on a-printin' (quoting) the legend. The truth and real science are not nearly as important, and they certainly cannot have evidence supporting recent creation being made known. What the secular science industry does is spread propaganda, old son, not search for knowledge.