More Problems for Life in Rings of Saturn

The secular science industry desperately wants life to exist elsewhere in the universe, but those who believe this walk by faith, not by science. Despite lack of evidence, huge amounts of money are spent to see if anything can be found supporting their speculations.

Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ on teh interwebs insist that the origin of life is separate from evolution, deliberately ignoring that the OoL is also known as chemical evolution or abiogenesis. Life supposedly evolved from dead things and some organic chemicals, and the search is on out yonder in the rings of Saturn.

Time and money are spent trying to find some life in the solar system. The rings of Saturn are not promising because they keep showing signs of youth.
Saturn image: NASA / JPL / STScI (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Secularists do not get a freebie on the origin of life so they can build from there. That's why so many scientists are working on the problem. Saturn's rings have a few of the components necessary for life, but no useable water.

Time is vitally important in particles-to-planetologist evolution, and those rings (some of which are comprised of amazingly small particles) show many signs of youth — they could not have existed for 4.5 billion years, so there's no time for any form of life to evolve. When will they stop kicking against the goads and admit that the evidence points to recent creation, not evolution and deep time?  Actually, it's a spiritual problem, not a science problem.
Creationist Ken Ham is famous for describing fossils as “billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth.” Planetary rings are also made up of billions of dead things, despite some evolutionists’ wild imaginations that life might be found in them. Such claims are pseudoscientific, not only because there is no evidence for them, and the necessary conditions do not exist there, but also because there is not enough time for the magic of “chemical evolution” to have transpired.

That such claims could be made in the media is more evidence that astrobiology (better dubbed bio-astrology) is pseudoscience.

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