Great Faith by Secularists in Extraterrestrial Life

Finding extraterrestrial life is exceptionally important to the secular science industry. Readers of creationist sites have seen that lotsa grotzits have been poured into attempts to find ET, but nothing has ever been found. Astrobiology? Nothing to study.

They do not want to settle for microbes, it has to be intelligent alien life. One of the biggest arguments makes a bit of sense on the surface: So many stars, there must be life out there so we can dance with space aliens in the pale moonlight.

Cranky Alien image by Why?Outreach
There are glimmers of hope for true believers, but it disappears under scrutiny. Like the prank of tying currency on a string, hiding, and yanking it away when someone reaches for it. But secularists keep chasing and hoping, though tere's no observed science involved. Only blind faith.

Many maybes and what ifs about extraterrestrial life, such as water on Mimas. Water is necessary for life, and if there are signs of evolution out yonder, mayhaps it happened way out yonder as well. They know (presuppose) that it happened here. Whatever it takes to deny the reality of the Creator.

Here are two articles for your consideration. Note that the site appears to support Intelligent Design, but the content is not by biblical creationists. Still, some good points are raised. First, "Extraterrestrials Are Clearly a Matter of Faith, Not Science." Next is something along the lines of, "You have an answer for everything" (excuses) at "The Conviction That ET Is Out There Survives Every Setback,"