Tyrannosaurus rex — not so bright after all

Portrayals of Tyrannosaurus rex and other carnivorous dinosaurs originally made them out to be nearly machines, attack and eat. Over time, their image evolved, showing them as rather intelligent creatures. Studies show — yeah, my study can beat up your study.

One study claims that they were alarmingly intelligent, comparable to primates. Since most secular scientists assume the story that dinosaurs evolved into birds is true, the study used modern bird brains for references. Another study kicks up their intelligence a notch. However...

T. rex college professor made at Bing AI*
Another study pulls on the reins and hollers, "Whoa!" There are no fossilized dinosaur brains available to study. Also, the size of the cranium and the size of the brain inside — as compared to modern crocodiles — are two different things. (This child wonders why researchers didn't learn from the debunked "Brain size shows intelligence in humans" myth.) Did they notice that they study invalidates dinosaur-to-bird evolution claims? Secular science goes in circles on findings and studies, but the fact remains that creatures were created with what they needed to live in their ecological niches.
A recent study found no compelling evidence that the relative brain size of large theropods, like Tyrannosaurus rex, was any different from that of modern reptiles, like crocodiles and alligators. The new study published in The Anatomical Record found their brains were just bigger because their body size was bigger.

Possibly even more importantly, the study also found that brain endocasts of dinosaur skulls likely overestimate the size of their brains because the brains of extant reptiles do not completely fill their skull cavities. 

To read it all, visit "T. rex Not as Smart as Thought." Also, although there is some overlap and the author is not a creationist, "The Wildly Varying Intelligence of T. Rex" has some interesting information.

*The image creators I used ignored the text prompts in several key areas, and the one from Bing was the best of the lot this time. Since it did not render the names correctly, that added to the image that T. rex the educated college professor was a poser. Here is the text prompt: Tyrannosaurus rex as a college professor. He is standing by a blackboard, holding a pointer, wearing a square academic cap and academic gown. Written on the blackboard are "Henry M. Morris. Jonathan D. Sarfati. David F. Coppedge. Duane T. Gish. Ken Ham. Tim Clarey. Brian Thomas. Terry Mortenson. Robert Carter. Georgia Purdom. David Catchpoole. John Sanford." So, all of the spelling and wording errors came from the AI generator.