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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Creation Science Collagen Research Affirms Genesis Flood Timeline

The hands at the Darwin Ranch, up yonder past Stinking Lake and through Deception Pass, get a mite complacent. When observed evidence is against them, they employ rescuing devices by the wagon train-load. However, the problem of dinosaur soft tissues is the goat at their tea party.

Creationists teamed up to conduct research on bones and collagen. The results support the biblical timeline and are sure to be problematic for secularists.
Background image: Pixabay / Yuri_B
Members of the Institute for Creation Research and the Creation Research Society teamed up to do some research on bones. Using new techniques, collagen was shown to decay faster than scientists previously thought. This fits quite well with the Genesis Flood timeline, but is going to cause further difficulty for old earth proponents.
Collagen is a tough, stringy protein that holds bone together like the steel belts in tires. Secular scientists struggle to explain why so many different techniques have found positive detections of collagen in fossil bones. At the heart of the scientists’ struggle lies collagen’s relatively short shelf life. Prior studies accurately measured collagen content, but more precisely knowing collagen’s decay rate would set a sharper outside age limit for fossils that still contain it.

New techniques for Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) could improve this level of precision. As part of my recent Ph.D. research, I applied FTIR to hundreds of artificially decayed bone samples.
To finish reading this short but technical article, click on "Collagen Decays Too Fastfor Evolutionary Time".

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Dinosaur Soft Tissue Deniers Accidentally Support Creation

Looks like the hands at the Darwin Ranch contracted with the Field Museum of Paleontology in Chicago. Like a pesky stain on a shirt or a bad penny, evolutionists cannot escape the devastating facts of soft tissues found in dinosaur bones, which support recent creation and the Genesis Flood.

Evolutionists continue to deny the reality of soft tissues in dinosaur bones. The latest effort inadvertently supports recent creation.
Original image credit:
Triceratops at the Dinosaur Journey Museum, US Dept of Transportation / aschweigert
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Secularists tried ignoring the problem, put the spin on tissues, and even sailed on Denial River with Cleopatra. Now they're trying something old and new by digging up failed arguments from 2008 and attempting to research up some confirmation for their biases. I reckon that these folks are unwilling to face reality.

They had some interesting results, but inadvertently confirmed several things that creationists have been saying all along. In addition, several very important facts have been left out in an effort to make a possible exception prove the rule. This is similar to something I've said: If scientists found conclusive proof of actual Darwinian evolution for some critter, it would not instantly prove the general theory of evolution for everything, you savvy?
By dismissing dinosaur soft tissue as bacteria, Field Museum scientists may have given creationists a selling point.

Scientists at Chicago’s prestigious Field Museum of Paleontology have made a frontal assault on claims of original dinosaur proteins in dinosaur bones. The claims that soft tissue can be found in some dinosaur fossils, made primarily by Mary Schweitzer at North Carolina State University, and by others, have invigorated young-earth creationists with alleged proof that the bones are only thousands of years old, not tens of millions. Are they wrong? Were they looking at bacterial biofilms masquerading as dinosaur proteins, blood vessels and blood cells?

It’s an old argument revitalized by new experiments. The Field Museum team of 19 paleontologists from a dozen institutions in the US, Canada, Britain and China sawed out some bone from Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada to check. They took precautions to avoid contamination. They found evidence of recent bacteria, but no collagen (bacteria do not make collagen).
To finish reading, click on "Showdown: Is Dino Soft Tissue Just Bacteria?" A related article is "Soft Tissue Showdown".

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Draining the Dinosaur Swamp

We do not exactly see dinosaurs hitched up to carts for manual labor or getting saddled up for use in a posse comitatus. Practitioners of evolutionary pettifoggery will have us believe that dinosaurs joined the choir invisible millions of years before humans evolved, but biblical creationists have different ideas.

Biblical creationists affirm that dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark. There are three main reasons that they are probably extinct today.
Assembled at PhotoFunia
Apparently they are bereft of life and taking dirt naps, except in a few possible instances in modern times, in the Bible, and in other instances of ancient history. Biblical creationists reject naturalistic presuppositions and believe that not only was there a global Flood at the time of Noah, but various dinosaur kinds were on the Ark. (Apparently, many dinosaurs were ill-tempered critters and became nuisances, so they were hunted.) The Flood radically changed the world, including the stomping grounds that dinosaurs preferred. Even the Sahara Desert was wet many years ago. Loss of habitat is a primary cause of extinction, you know.
Genesis says that “every beast after its kind…went into the ark to Noah, two by two, of all flesh in which is the breath of life.” Dinosaurs were beasts, and their fossil nostrils show they had the breath of life. So, if a breeding pair of every dinosaur kind entered the Ark, why don’t we see dinosaurs alive today?

Many other animal kinds also died out after the Flood. Mammal-like reptiles called synapsids left Flood fossils and then later went extinct. Other animals that vanished include the “bear dogs,” rat-size morganucodonts, and Leptictidium, which walked like a tiny, hairy tyrannosaur. We can’t know specifics about their extinction without going back in time, but three key clues sketch an answer.
 To read the rest, click on "What Happened to Dinosaurs after the Flood?"

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Dinosaurs and Birds Lived Together

Those scientists who never bought into the dinosaurs-evolved-into-birds mythology probably get exasperated by hearing the majority opinion proclaimed. However, they may also feel a bit vindicated by the numerous reports that show such evolution is impossible — not that they are fond of supporting creation, however.

There are many problems with dinosaur-to-bird evolution. More findings indicate that actual birds lived with dinosaurs.
Assembled using components from Clker clipart
If you study on it or read previous posts here, you might realize that they are asking a lot in the first place. After all, feathers are complex, lungs would have to change, bone structures rearranged and redeveloped, flight itself would have to develop, and more. There is simply no evidence for such evolution. Then we have conflicts with the timeline, such as fully-functional birds living alongside dinosaurs. The truth is that God created dinosaurs and birds separately, and didn't consult Darwin.
Several aspects of the dinosaur-to-bird evolution don’t make sense in the light of evolution.
Museums and park displays show the public dioramas of dinosaurs going extinct 65 million years ago. After the asteroid strike (or volcanoes) did in the dinosaurs, birds really took off, diversifying into the great variety of birds we have today. Does this match the evidence? First, the news.
To read the rest, click on "Birds with Modern Traits Flew Over Dinosaurs".

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Flight Evolution and Robots

The hands at the Darwin Ranch are all a-twitter because of a robot bird that has been developed. Not so much the robot bird itself since that has been done before, but making a version of Caudipteryx, a disputed "dinosaur with feathers". Yee ha boy howdy, it flapped its robot wings when it ran.

In their futile quest to demonstrate dinosaur-to-bird evolution, researchers made a robot that flapped its wings when it ran. This proves that they can build a robot to do what they want.
Caudipteryx Hendrickx image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Christophe Hendrickx (CC by-SA 3.0)
There's a wagon train-load of assumptions (and wishful thinking) happening. First, researchers assume that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Second, they assumed evolution itself is not a myth. Third, the way it moved was assumed. Fourth, since all we have are fossils, many assumptions were made about its appearance. 

Using these and other assumptions, they made a robot that flapped when it ran. Of course. Any programming, including artificial intelligence, begins with the input given by the programmers. Like evidence, if you torture programming enough, it will confess to anything.

What kind of effort was put into the mimicking of flight and running? Running is very complex, and the flight is not to be underestimated. When people attempted to mimic birds, they tended to utilize the up-and-down flapping motion that they could see. It wasn't until more recent times that special cameras could capture the intricacies of flight as designed by the Master Engineer.

Frankly (mind if I call you Frank?), the whole thing is absurd. Indeed, it seems that Darwin's disciples are becoming more and more desperate to validate their false worldview in light of the truth from biblical creation science. Everything was created recently, evolutionary machinations notwithstanding.
This is silly. A robot model with outstretched arms cannot begin to say how dinosaurs took wing.

“Robot dinosaurs help unlock the evolution of flight” shouts a headline at New Atlas. Michael Irving uses standard hype language to try to interest a bored public dazed by non-stop evolutionary myths:
To finish reading, click on "Flight: If You Can’t Evolve It, Model Your Imagination".

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Monday, May 6, 2019

A Wealth of Feathered Dinosaur Fossils in China?

There are times when it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Certain areas of China contain a wealth of fossils from all sorts of critters including dinosaurs and birds. All that good stuff for paleontologists, but they are unable to find transitional forms. Then they have the problem of fakes.

Many fossils are discovered in China, and quite a few are fake. Especially alleged feathered dinosaurs. There are still no transitional forms.
Photo of Sinosauropteryx prima holotype slab
at Wikimedia Commons by James St. John  (CC by 2.0)
China is a repressive communist country, so impoverished farmers are giving scientists what they want: feathered dinosaur fossils. There are so many fakes being produced that papers have been retracted by science journals and people are more cautious. Don't want another Archaeoraptor humiliation, do we?

Another part of the problem is that dinosaur-to-bird enthusiasts "see" what they want, and not necessarily what is actually discovered. The narrative drives the science, just like the Piltdown man fraud that fooled evolutionists for over forty years, or the deception of the "walking whale". Secularists (and a few creationists) imagine that there are feathers in them thar fossils, but the story is skewed and other more plausible explanations are ignored.

Some creationists have indicated that if a fossil was discovered that was indisputably a feathered dinosaur, so what? It would not prove that dinosaurs evolved into birds. It would be quite a find, because true feathers are complex. Even so, evolutionists would still need to find evidence of transitional forms, of which none exist. We are not seeing any evidence for evolution, but the evidence does point toward special creation and the global Genesis Flood.
Not only dinosaur fossils have been found in the Liaoning region, but an entire, well-preserved ancient world, a picture of the world as it existed in the distant past, which was dated in the Darwin timescale at 131 to 120 million years ago. This is an important window when evolutionists believe dinosaurs were evolving into birds; thus, we could expect to find some clear evidence of transitional creatures. The cache of the Liaoning region so far includes 24 winged flying reptiles called pterosaurs, and over 53 ancient bird species, plus flowering plants, spiders, and a variety of crustaceans, insects, snails, clams, and even algae and moss. The area must have at one time been a forest because ferns, pine, cypress, ginkgo and other trees were found there. The fossils found are mostly articulated skeletons located in slabs of stone that have to be split in half or broken open to locate the skeleton. They look like “something had swatted the bird out of the sky and instantly entombed it in rock,” something like a giant flood.
To read the rest, click on "Why Is China the Leader in Feathered Dinosaur Fossils?" You may also like "Chines Fossils, Facts, and Fraud".

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dinosaur Extinction and Evolutionary Assumptions

A spell back, a reader of The Question Evolution Project on Fazebook messaged a link to us involving the dinosaur extinction impact theory with information on new fossil discoveries (several versions of the report are circulating). You know the basic story: 65 million Darwin years ago, a meteorite/asteroid/comet hit the earth and killed off the dinosaurs, but left other critters still alive.

Researchers think they found fossil evidence for the Chicxulub dinosaur-killer asteroid. Instead, what they found supports the global Genesis Flood.
Credit: NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
I didn't get back to it for a while. What I did find was some of the usual arbitrary assertions that secularists make based on deep time and evolutionary presuppositions. They also tend to go with the prevailing view (an impact by a space object caused dinosaurs to push up daisies), but also ignore the flaws in this theory. For that matter, scientists are divided on what caused dinosaur extinction.

What I saw immediately is that scientists found catastrophic, rapid burial with lots of water involved. Really? Sounds like further evidence of the Genesis Flood to me. Unfortunately, the narrative drives the interpretation of evidence, and their worldview precludes an honest investigation of Flood geology. This is indeed unfortunate, since the Flood better explains what is found in geology far better than uniformitarian (slow and gradual processes over long periods of time) assumptions. What makes things worse for materialists is that evidence shows that everything was created far more recently than fit with their paradigms, and the Flood is arguably the best evidence for creation.

My analysis was not needed. Ken Ham and the staff writers wrote an post about this report, and consulted geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling. From my own experiences dealing with evoporn (it makes atheists and evolutionists feel good, but has no actual scientific value), we need to think critically, ask questions, do some research, have healthy skepticism — and maintain a good working knowledge of biblical creation science.
The news has been buzzing recently with headlines such as this one from New Scientist, “Incredible fossil find may be first victims of dino-killer asteroid.” These headlines are announcing the discovery and analysis of a fossil deposit in America that is interpreted as “an unprecedented record of the mass extinction event that wiped out most of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.”

The article about this North Dakota find goes on to state, “The fossils appear to be animals that were killed within minutes of an asteroid striking Earth, in a flood triggered by the shattering impact.” The asteroid impact mentioned is, of course, the impact at the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, thousands of miles from North Dakota. . . .

Such an impact would’ve caused earthquakes and flooding, and this site, in the evolutionary interpretation, appears to preserve part of that catastrophe, as a flash flood of fossils and tiny pieces of natural glass (called tektites) formed from meteorite impacts are also found.
To read the rest, click on "First Victims of Dino-Killer Asteroid Found Buried?" Tomorrow's post has a similar theme about the "mountains of evidence" for evolution in the fossil record.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fossil Disorder at the Hell Creek Formation

Just the other day Stormie Waters was overhearing a dispute at the Darwin Ranch. They were getting mighty loud, and sound carries in those parts. Seems that the evolutionary faithful are uninformed or dishonest about fossils being in the wrong place, so they want to keep on saying fossils are always where they should be.

The Hell Creek Formation has some serious problems with fossils in the wrong place for evolutionists, but what is found can be best explained by the Genesis Flood.
Hell Creek State park image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Vladimír Socha (CC by-SA 4.0)
The source of contention was, again, about the Hell Creek Formation. Over in the Montana Territory (okay, I shouldn't call it that, Montana became the 41st of these here United States in 1889) near the town of Jordan. Small town, but they have themselves a state park and all.

Most people who pay attention to dinosaur and other fossils have probably heard of the Hell Creek Formation (HCF), which stretches through parts of four states. Many paleontologists head over there, so you'll probably encounter some if you commence an expedition.

If you ask paleontologists why marine, freshwater, and land fossils are mixed in there, they'll probably evosplain with circular reasoning and deep time dogma. Secularists are known for ignoring data that conflicts with their paradigms — especially since what is seen in the HCF and other places around the world is best explained by the global Genesis Flood.
Recently, a new species of shark was found at the site where T. rex “Sue” was extracted. While this didn’t surprise Flood geologists, it required some special pleading by evolutionary scientists to explain away another apparent marine animal in the “wrong” place.
. . .

A few years ago, I researched the HCF and showed that it was encapsulated, top and bottom, by sedimentary rocks that even secular scientists agree are marine in origin.
To read the entire short article, click on "Marine Fossils Mixed with Hell Creek Dinosaurs". A related article is found at "Misinterpreting Fossil Graveyards".

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Hypsilophodon, an Overlooked Dinosaur

Hypsilophodon foxii was easy to overlook because it was small. Sure, we get excited about the behemoths because they were big and impressive, but there were others around that may not get as much coverage. Like the big ones, Hypsilophodon and other small dinosaurs were designed by their Creator to survive in their environment.

Big dinosaurs seem to get most of the attention, but even the smaller ones show the design skills of their Creator.
Hypsilophodon reconstruction at Brussels image credit: Wikimedia Commons / MWAK
A good deal of what paleontologists describe about creatures from way back when is necessarily speculative, but there are other aspects that make a lot of sense. Some of what we read and hear comes from comparisons with other animals today as well as the way they were built.
It isn’t easy being so small, especially if you are only 1.5 feet (0.4 m) tall. Imagine being surrounded by massive long-necked sauropods or herds of Iguanodons. Just one misstep and you’re an instant pancake. Or what about those vicious killers, known as theropods, many times bigger than you and always on the prowl?

How does a little guy survive in a land of giants? With some special designs, of course.
To read the full article or download the audio version, click on "Hypsilophodon—Least but Not Last".

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Asteroids, Volcanoes, and Dinosaur Demise

Secularists really have no idea what caused dinosaur extinction, and that is a thunder lizard-sized reason their stories keep changing. The alleged Chicxulub asteroid impact down Mexico way is the dominant explanation, but not all scientists are in agreement on that. Perhaps it was volcanic activity. Mayhaps it was a combination.

Research in volcanism and the alleged Chicxulub asteroid impact area have received some research. Strip away flawed dating methods, and the information supports creation science Flood models.
Image assembled from components at Clker clipart
There is an area in India known as the Deccan Traps that has significant lava flow layers. Geologists got a hankering to do some research, and tied this volcanic activity with the Chicxulub impact. Wait, what? There is quite a bit of distance between the two points of significant geological activity. If you take out the circular reasoning and fundamentally flawed presuppositions in radiometric dating, the relative timeframe can be useful. Bad news for old Earth advocates, though: the evidence actually supports creation science Flood geology models.
In its October 2nd, 2015 issue, Science published a report announcing a more detailed study of the many lava flows in the Deccan Traps located in Western India. The Deccan Traps are a massive igneous province—think of it as a lava flood plain—comparable in size to the US states of Oregon and Washington combined and composed of numerous lava flow layers having a total depth of over 6,500 feet (2,000 meters). The strategy was to examine the mineral composition of the lava flows from older samples on the bottom, to younger samples near the top of this thick sequence of lava flows. According to the report, the lava flows show differences in composition, and the timing of their eruption, according to the radiometric dating methods used, coincide remarkably well with the 66-million-year-old conventional date of the Chicxulub impact (within 50,000 years). The volcanic fissures in the area are interpreted to have been active before the impact, but with much smaller eruptive events. Lava flow rates appear to have markedly increased at roughly the same time as the asteroid impact.
It would be right neighborly of you to read the entire article. To do this, click on "Asteroids Hit First, Volcanoes Deliver Knockout Punch to Dinosaurs?" You may also like "Dinosaur Extinction and Chicxulub Revisited".

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Design of the Tyrant Lizard King

T. rex is probably the most famous dinosaur. It shows design and there is not evolutionary history for it.

Tyrannosaurus rex is arguably the best-known of all the dinosaurs, and has been prominent in movies, television shows, documentaries, and so forth. We only have forensic information from fossils. However, while there is a great deal of speculation about this critter, fossils do tell scientists a great deal.

It had a very large head. Although T. rex did not have big arms and was subject to ridicule from other dinosaurs that could run fast or birds on the wing, it had a large tail for counterbalance so it didn't faceplant when lunging for it's prey. If you were to stare one down face to face, what do you think would get your attention?

It had many large, pointy teeth. These were different from its relatives but could take a huge chunk of lunch. Was it actually a predator? Fossil evidence suggests so and its design was conducive to predation. Rexie may have been a scavenger, especially the older, larger ones. There is no explanation for dinosaur evolution. Instead, we see that T. rex was designed by the Master Engineer. It apparently did well until the global Genesis Flood took most of them away, and dinosaurs that disembarked from Noah's Ark eventually became extinct.
Since T. rex is found only in Flood deposits, our knowledge of this great animal is limited to his fossilized remains from Noah’s time, nearly 1,700 years after Adam’s Fall. We’re all fascinated to learn more, and that’s where the fun of forensic science comes into play. Like crime investigators, paleontologists try to reconstruct organisms and their environments by the partial evidence left at the “crime scene.” Though lots of “ifs” remain, we can learn many amazing things from fossils.

One thing is clear: T. rex was big, and he was well designed for his dominant role after the Fall. But being big didn’t mean that God just scaled up the design of other average-size, meat-eating dinosaurs, called theropods. To understand how T. rex was specially designed, we need to compare him to the “normal” proportions of other theropods.
To read the entire article, click on "T. rex—Fashioned To Be Fearless".

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Falsely-Feathered Dinosaurs

As usual in evolutionary speculations, the narrative takes prominence. Disciples of Papa Darwin see what they want to see. This happens quite a bit, and is especially prominent in their desire to find dinosaurs with feathers. There are two examples of bad science and evolutionary wish making in this area.

The quest for dinosaur feathers has two more examples of bad science and dreadful logic. Worse for evolutionists, the evidence supports creation.
Anchiornis image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Kumiko (CC by-SA 2.0)
Why are they so determined to see feathers on dinosaurs? Those owlhoots demand them for their unfounded belief that dinosaurs evolved into birds, and they sure can't allow that God created everything. So they find some filaments and cry, "Yee haw boy howdy! Feathers on dinosaurs!" Of course, they conduct poor science and use bad logic by ignoring other possible explanations for what they have found. The evidence actually refutes their claims and also supports special creation.

We saw a previous report that scientists "saw" something that kinda sorta looks like maybe it could be related for feathers, but looks nothing like real feathers. They haven't made any progress in saving face. Also, another critter has been dubbed a dinosaur, so hooray for feathers (yawn). Of course it has feathers, ya idjits, it was a bird in the first place.
Descriptions of feathered dinosaurs continue to wing their way into scientific literature. While most researchers see each new example as another link in a Darwinian story of reptiles somehow evolving into birds, others fit these fossils into more classical categories. Two new discoveries give owners of these opposing views new opportunities to peck at each other’s ideas of bird beginnings. Both cases are easy to land on a creation-friendly perch.
To read the rest, click on "New Fossil Feathers Affirm Created Kinds".

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Friday, January 25, 2019

More Dinosaur Tracks and the Genesis Flood

Dinosaur trackways have been around for a while, and biblical creationists are giving them quite a bit of attention lately. Although soft tissues in dinosaurs and other critters have been found, defying deep time speculations of secularists, tracks are also problematic for secular scientists. The Brobdingnagian trackways down yonder in South America are worthy of note.

Another area of dinosaur trackways is extremely large and still more evidence for the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Jerry Daykin (CC by 2.0)
We know that tracks made in sand, clay, or other squishy stuff are not likely to fossilize because this process must happen rapidly and under the right conditions. The Cal Orcko tracks are numerous, first discovered in 1985 by a limestone mining company. When further tracks were uncovered in the 1990s, they realized that a bit of a mountain full of tracks existed.

If you have a notion to see the trackways for your ownself, better get a move on because they may not be available much longer. Interesting that they can be seen deteriorating in just a few years, but secularists expect us to think they lasted for millions of Darwin years, isn't it?

No, the various dinosaurs were not taking a hike up the hill. That formed much later when the land was uplifted by plate tectonics instigated by the Genesis Flood. Also, they appear purposeful, as if all of them were fleeing, not dancing.

After the fossilization process and uplifting, the mining company's discovery caused consternation and weak speculations among secular geologists. Creationists do not have any difficulty with the find, which supports Flood models.
In 1994, Bolivian workers quarrying high-grade limestone for cement reached a layer with too much quartz, a hard mineral, so they left it alone. As quarrying continued, more and more of the unwanted layer was exposed, forming a huge cliff and revealing hundreds of dinosaur trackways. The tracks are of at least eight different kinds of dinosaurs, including a pair of titanosaurs and a herd of 16 ankylosaurs. The layer also contains the longest dinosaur trackway in the world, over 500 m (1,640 ft), by a small theropod, possibly a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex.
These rocks are part of the El Molino Formation which extends over much of Bolivia. The Vilquechico Formation of Peru and the Yacoraite Formation of Argentina contain similar dinosaur trackways, and all three are suspected to be merely different parts of the one continent-wide formation.
To finish reading, click on "The Cal Orcko (‘Lime Hill’) dinosaur trackways". The video below has some interesting pictures. Note the weak secular "explanation" of how the footprints formed, the obligatory "millions of years", and how the apparent fleeing was ignored.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

No Dinosaur Feather Evolution

Got my unregistered assault keyboard ready for action. You with me to continue the adventures?

We know that everyone has a worldview that contains assumptions and presuppositions. Scientists, along with us reg'lar folk, interpret what we observe through our worldviews, you savvy? Good. Even though there is no actual evidence that dinosaurs evolved in the first place, many of Darwin's disciples believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds. There is no evidence for such that flighty idea, either. What about feathers themselves?

Some evolutionists insist that dinosaurs had feathers. None of the few fossils that suggest this are disputed.
Credit: Unsplash / Alvaro Reyes
There are a few dinosaur fossils that are said to have "protofeathers", but those are disputed. In addition, advocates of these claims must ignore other possible explanations for those impressions in the fossils. Even if a dinosaur did indeed have feathers, so what? It is not evidence that they evolved into birds. The feather itself is a complicated structure that the Master Engineer designed for several purposes, and not to adorn extinct reptiles and such.
Many secular scientists consider so-called “feathered dinosaurs” to be evidence of dinosaurs evolving into birds. Clearly defined anatomy-based categories exist for both “bird” and “dinosaur,” but evolution requires a bird-to-dinosaur transition. In living creatures, only birds—not mammals or reptiles—have feathers. Furthermore, with a few controversial exceptions, all extinct feathered animals are acknowledged as birds. Even bird-feather proteins called keratins are unique.
To read the rest of the article, click on "Did Dinosaurs Come with or without Feathers?" I'm also showing off a Christmas present just below the short video.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Toast to Dinosaur Soft Tissue Rescuing Devices

When an employer requires overtime, the employee is expected to work efficiently and accurately with available facts. Also, the use of intoxicants is not allowed. Seems that the hands at the Darwin Ranch (yonder near Deception Pass) are ignoring good work habits when they put in overtime at the excuse mill. Case in point, more shenanigans regarding soft tissues.

Evolutionists keep making excuses for the existence of dinosaur soft tissues. New discoveries and bad rescuing devices ensue.

When soft tissues were discovered in dinosaur bones and shown to be more than a fluke, evolutionists were stricken with the inability to explain what they considered impossible because they "know" that the earth is very old and that dinosaurs took a group dirt name millions of Darwin years ago. In today's exciting episode, we have some denial of reality with flagitious evoporn presented as science.

New Soft Tissue Discoveries

A Jurassic ichthyosaur was found with more than just remarkably-preserved tissues, but also skin and blubber. Good science was used to discuss the biology, but they ignored the ichthyosaur in the room: the age issue. In addition, bad science was utilized with "convergence" and other science-free excuses. Another find involved a special bone found in egg-laying animals, is very fragile, and only exists for the laying of eggs. This was from a Cretaceous bird. Once again, we see more evidence of rapid burial due to the global Genesis Flood.
Evolutionists are dodging hard evidence with an absurd excuse that soft tissue can last hundreds of millions of years.

Soft tissue in fossils violates everything paleontologists thought they knew about deep time. Proteins, DNA and tissue were supposed to decay and be replaced by rock in mere thousands of years, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of years at the very most. Now, the evidence for surviving original material is beyond question. Two more instances have been reported this week. So are evolutionists giving up on deep time? The thought doesn’t even enter their minds. Instead, they claim that the evidence proves that soft tissue can indeed last millions of years, and that it can help Darwin by providing more evidence for evolution. Both claims are false. Soft tissue destroys deep time. These fossils were recently buried.
To read the rest of this article and before moving on to the next installment below, click on "Two More Soft-Tissue Fossils Pile on the Evidence Against Deep Time".

Toasting the Tissues

Mary Schweitzer suggested that dinosaur soft tissues were preserved by iron. She did a test under pristine laboratory conditions and extrapolated out to millions of unobserved and unobservable years, and Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ swoop down, playing "Gotcha!" with biblical creationists. Except that Schweitzer's ideas do not work, and evolutionists know it. That's why they keep working the excuse mill.

Scientists often get inspirations for studies from unlikely sources. That's a good thing; it shows they are being observant and commencing to ponder sciency stuff. Consider toasted bread. It is still bread but has undergone some changes, one of which is getting darker. So, compare this concept with dinosaur soft tissues. Add in presuppositions regarding deep time, that Darwin was on the right trail, and dinosaurs went extinct en masse, then you get the toast "hypothesis". These owlhoots need to cowboy up and face the facts that Earth is not so old after all, and there was a global Flood.
Evolutionists cannot deny the presence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones, but their explanation burns up in the heat of critical analysis.

Finally, some scientists have taken a hard look at the evidence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones. In Nature Communications, Jasmina Wiemann and six others, including noted paleontologists Derek Briggs and Mark Norell, bravely face the question: how can soft tissues that degrade rapidly still exist in fossils they believe are over 100 million years old? A press release from Yale is frank about the problem this poses for evolutionists who take long ages for granted:
To read the rest, I propose that you click on "New Dino Soft Tissue Explanation Is Toast". You might be interested in a related article, "Soft Tissue Fossils Preserved by Toasting?" A couple of videos are below for fun and education.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Bird Evolution and Secular Miracles

To be an atheist or anti-creationists, someone has to believe in secular "miracles" of some sort. They believe in billions of years, the Big Bang, fish-to-fool evolution, and more despite evidence, not because of it. One of the most feather-brained bits of gullibility is that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Believers in dinosaur-to-bird evolution have yet another problem to deal with. There is still more evidence that flying birds lived at the same time as dinosaurs.
Credit: RGBStock / Bern Altman
If you study on the notion for a spell, you'll see that there's a passel of changes needed — far more than just having dinosaurs grow feathers and wings, then shrinking. The bone structure, breathing apparatus, the complex feathers themselves, and more need to be considered. Quite a few miracles of evolution. There are some links to help you out at "No Evidence for Dinosaur-to-Bird Evolution".

Modern bird fossils are found in the Cretaceous, and other problems are found to thwart the evolutionary timeline. The birds are extinct, but they lived and flew when dinosaurs lived. Darwin's disciples still manage to conjure up their version of secular miracles and then slap some fact-free sciency terminology on them. The truth is that both dinosaurs and birds were created separately and recently.
Very little seems different from modern birds, except that some had teeth in their beaks and claws on their feet. The particular enantiornithine discussed in the article, named Mirarce eatoni, was found in Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument in 1992, but not analyzed in detail till now. Said to be 75 million Darwin Years old, it was the size of a turkey vulture. The fossil had exceptional preservation for enantiornithines, which are found around the world but usually flattened or fragmentary. This one was found in 3-D, allowing more details about its anatomy and physiology.
To read the entire article, click on "Extinct Cretaceous Birds Flew".

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Ichthyosaurs Provide Genesis Flood Evidence

Before we commence to showing how ichthyosaurs are frustrating for Darwin's disciples and deep time proponents, I found out that something useful has been reissued. My Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ is kept in a glass case most of the time, but it shows signs of wear. Now trolls and other purveyors of evoporn can all have a new version!

Image furnished by Why?Outreach (click for larger)
Now, down to business. A somewhat baffling critter during dinosaur times was the ichthyosaur, which resembled dolphins and reptiles. There were several different kinds, and their name is Greek for "fish lizard". Dinosaurs had no evolutionary past, and their aquatic pals were also problematic, so instead of admitting that the logical explanation is recent special creation, evolutionists tried to come up with ancestors for ichthyosaurs. They failed, and not even their decoder rings could help. In reality, ichthyosaurs are examples of the design work of the Master Engineer with their fecundity as well as apparent swimming and hunting abilities.

Ichthyosaurs (fish lizards) were aquatic creatures that lived in dinosaur times. Evolutionists cannot provide evidence for their history, and their fossils testify of the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Haplochromis (CC BY-SA 3.0)
These creatures were rapidly buried. Not in one or two instances, but in various parts of the world — some were buried in the process of giving birth! Yet another clear indication of the global Genesis Flood.
One of the earliest complete fossils discovered was Ichthyosaurus, discovered between 1809–1811 by a pair of children in England. While parts of other Ichthyosaurus skeletons had been discovered previously, the English find was the first complete specimen. Since then thousands of ichthyosaur skeletons have been discovered, including numerous complete specimens. These unique creatures have captivated paleontologists for two centuries. They are well studied, and research on their skeletons has provided evidence for incredible design and the global flood.
 To finish reading, click on "Ichthyosaur: Evidence of Design and the Flood".

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Evolutionists Upset by More Early Fossils

Rusty Swingset, the ramrod over at the Darwin Ranch, is considering hiring a staff counselor or facilitating an anger management course. That is because evolutionists keep getting upset over findings that do not support evolution or deep time. Problems for evolutionists are seen in out-of-order fossils. More recent fossil finds have them screaming like the simian ancestors they think are in our ancestry.

More fossils that upset evolutionists and foul up deep time and evolutionary beliefs
Modified from an image at openclipart with hologram malfunction effect
It's mighty easy to simply assign a value to fossil ages using the Fit the Narrative Method™. Problem is, when folks pick and choose what they like, and then something else is discovered that conflicts with the earlier assigned value, panic ensues. You often hear, "Earlier than we thought". That's because secular origins science is based on numerous fundamentally flawed presuppositions, including deep time and that evolution happened in the first place. Mayhaps they should stop asking how something evolved, but if evolution happened at all. Likewise, since there are so many discoveries that wreck the evolutionary timeline, secular scientists should honestly consider getting more accurate, honest, and realistic dating methods.

South Africa is turning into a place for digging up dinosaur fossils. A very large sauropod fossil fouls up their thinking about quadrupedalism. Yep, walking on all fours happened "earlier than thought". It changes what they "know" about how walking evolved in these critters. That takes a great deal of blind faith, as walking requires many things to be in place at the same time, or the organism takes a dirt nap. Sorry, old son, but you really don't know anything about the evolution of walking.

To keep the dead Bearded Buddha happy, Darwinists are throwing around the idea that quadrupedalism "emerged", then disappeared, and then reappeared later on. (Sort of like a hologram in s science fiction show that flickers, blinks out, and reappears, I suspicion.) Then these owlhoots are indirectly appealing to Gaia, who has intelligence and makes choices. That ditzy goddess was apparently experimenting with evolution in this case! Who needs evidence or plausible models when we have speculations from people who paid to get degrees? I'll allow that the name assigned to the dinosaur is impressive, translating to "giant thunderclap at dawn". But I'm a guy that liked the name "thunder lizard", too.

Heavy drinking commenced at the Darwin Ranch when one of Darwin's worst nightmares crawled out from under the bed: flowering plants. These were found "earlier than thought" by 15 millions Darwin years. Trying to deal with flowering plants (specifically, angiosperm trees) in the first place was difficult, but now this! Then they tried to wrangle global climate change into the discussion. Oh, boy.

Biblical creationists do not need to constantly modify timelines, resort to fraud and obfuscation, or just ignore inconvenient truths. We have the account given to us by our Creator — the same account that secularists go haywire trying to circumvent.

To read the inspiration for this post and get some details on the items above (plus one more), click on "Fossils Show Up Earlier than Evolutionists Thought". Below is a piece of evolutionary propaganda, with many faith-based assertions. However, it tells about the discovery, measurements, and so on that seem interesting. Dramatic music, too.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fossils Frequently Fluster Evolutionists

Years ago, I posted about fossils that are in the "wrong" place according to Darwinian beliefs. Angry atheists reacted with remarks that had the intellectual equivalent of, "Haw, haw! St00pid creatard thinks there are fossils out of place!" One offered to school me on the topic on his (now defunct) weblog. This was one of the earliest indications I saw that Darwin's Flying Monkeys© need schooling themselves, or that denial can be an ugly thing. Perhaps they should not listen to the claims of tinhorns like C. Richard Dawkins.

Evolutionists try to deny or do damage control when fossils are found out of order.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Cheung Chungtat (CC BY 2.5)
This is not an isolated case. Fossils are frequently found in the wrong order, and evolutionists have to ride herd on the evidence to keep it from wandering away and interfering with their stories. For example, Confuciusornis was a very modern-looking bird. The narrative of dinosaurs evolving into birds needed damage control when it was discovered that dinosaurs ate birds like Confuciusornis. Even in the reality that secularists espouse, you cannot be a contemporary of your alleged ancient ancestor.


There are many examples of fossils that are recalcitrant to the evolutionary timeline. Biblical creationists believe that there is some sort of order to the so-called fossil record, but are not surprised or flustered when fossils are in different places. After all, the Genesis Flood was violent, and things were buried rapidly but not necessarily deposited in a strict sequence.
Evolutionists love to tout the fossil record as evidence for their theory. No less an authority for evolution than Richard Dawkins has said, “All the fossils that we have ever found have always been found in the appropriate place in the time sequence. There are no fossils in the wrong place.” Dawkins’s statement is emphatic and confident. It makes for a good quotation. However, Dawkins is wrong. Fossils are often found where they are not expected, and these finds cause evolutionists to frequently revise their timelines.
To read the rest, click on "Disharmonious Fossils".

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Silly Dinosaur DNA Research

In the secular science industry, things are seldom as they appear — especially regarding origins. Now secularists are riding at a full gallop to the propaganda mill up yonder at Deception Pass. Do they really have dinosaur DNA? Somebody tell those owlhoots to bring those ponies back to the corral and step inside so we can talk a spell.

Researchers claim to have sequenced some of a dinosaur genome. This claim is based on faulty assumptions.

First of all, to get real dinosaur DNA, you need to get it from a real dinosaur. I don't see any hereabouts, do you? Nor has anyone found some intact that hasn't degraded over the years. Evolutionary science and creation science are forensic in nature, so the researchers made numerous assumptions about the ancestry of dinosaurs. That's mighty difficult, since dinosaurs had no evolutionary past. In addition, they made the assumption that dinosaurs evolved into (or are closely related to birds), but such an idea is ridiculous. When unfounded, unscientific assumptions are made, the research can easily fall down like a house of cards. This is a great deal of wasted effort to deny the fact that dinosaurs (and everything else) were created, and not the product of dust-to-dinosaur evolution.
The original study, published in the peer-reviewed science journal Nature Communications, made the following claim: “Given our data, it is perhaps not an unreasonable speculation that, if we had the opportunity to make metaphase chromosomes from tissue of non-avian theropods, both karyotypic and molecular cytogenetic analysis (genome size aside) would reveal little difference from a modern chicken, duck or ostrich (or at least a spiny soft-shelled turtle).” The study’s authors basically made the claim that a Velociraptor would have similar DNA to a modern chicken if the DNA were viewed under a microscope. That is an extremely bold claim to make!
To read the entire article, click on "Have Researchers Found Dinosaur Genes?" By the way, chickens (alleged dinosaur descendants) are scary. Maybe we can see movies about chickens running rampant and terrorizing the world!

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