A Wealth of Feathered Dinosaur Fossils in China?

There are times when it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Certain areas of China contain a wealth of fossils from all sorts of critters including dinosaurs and birds. All that good stuff for paleontologists, but they are unable to find transitional forms. Then they have the problem of fakes.

Many fossils are discovered in China, and quite a few are fake. Especially alleged feathered dinosaurs. There are still no transitional forms.
Photo of Sinosauropteryx prima holotype slab
at Wikimedia Commons by James St. John  (CC by 2.0)
China is a repressive communist country, so impoverished farmers are giving scientists what they want: feathered dinosaur fossils. There are so many fakes being produced that papers have been retracted by science journals and people are more cautious. Don't want another Archaeoraptor humiliation, do we?

Another part of the problem is that dinosaur-to-bird enthusiasts "see" what they want, and not necessarily what is actually discovered. The narrative drives the science, just like the Piltdown man fraud that fooled evolutionists for over forty years, or the deception of the "walking whale". Secularists (and a few creationists) imagine that there are feathers in them thar fossils, but the story is skewed and other more plausible explanations are ignored.

Some creationists have indicated that if a fossil was discovered that was indisputably a feathered dinosaur, so what? It would not prove that dinosaurs evolved into birds. It would be quite a find, because true feathers are complex. Even so, evolutionists would still need to find evidence of transitional forms, of which none exist. We are not seeing any evidence for evolution, but the evidence does point toward special creation and the global Genesis Flood.
Not only dinosaur fossils have been found in the Liaoning region, but an entire, well-preserved ancient world, a picture of the world as it existed in the distant past, which was dated in the Darwin timescale at 131 to 120 million years ago. This is an important window when evolutionists believe dinosaurs were evolving into birds; thus, we could expect to find some clear evidence of transitional creatures. The cache of the Liaoning region so far includes 24 winged flying reptiles called pterosaurs, and over 53 ancient bird species, plus flowering plants, spiders, and a variety of crustaceans, insects, snails, clams, and even algae and moss. The area must have at one time been a forest because ferns, pine, cypress, ginkgo and other trees were found there. The fossils found are mostly articulated skeletons located in slabs of stone that have to be split in half or broken open to locate the skeleton. They look like “something had swatted the bird out of the sky and instantly entombed it in rock,” something like a giant flood.
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