Flight Evolution and Robots

The hands at the Darwin Ranch are all a-twitter because of a robot bird that has been developed. Not so much the robot bird itself since that has been done before, but making a version of Caudipteryx, a disputed "dinosaur with feathers". Yee ha boy howdy, it flapped its robot wings when it ran.

In their futile quest to demonstrate dinosaur-to-bird evolution, researchers made a robot that flapped its wings when it ran. This proves that they can build a robot to do what they want.
Caudipteryx Hendrickx, Wikimedia Commons / Christophe Hendrickx (CC by-SA 3.0)
There's a wagon train-load of assumptions (and wishful thinking) happening. First, researchers assume that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Second, they assumed evolution itself is not a myth. Third, the way it moved was assumed. Fourth, since all we have are fossils, many assumptions were made about its appearance. 

Using these and other assumptions, they made a robot that flapped when it ran. Of course. Any programming, including artificial intelligence, begins with the input given by the programmers. Like evidence, if you torture programming enough, it will confess to anything.

What kind of effort was put into the mimicking of flight and running? Running is very complex, and the flight is not to be underestimated. When people attempted to mimic birds, they tended to utilize the up-and-down flapping motion that they could see. It wasn't until more recent times that special cameras could capture the intricacies of flight as designed by the Master Engineer.

Frankly (mind if I call you Frank?), the whole thing is absurd. Indeed, it seems that Darwin's disciples are becoming more and more desperate to validate their false worldview in light of the truth from biblical creation science. Everything was created recently, evolutionary machinations notwithstanding.
This is silly. A robot model with outstretched arms cannot begin to say how dinosaurs took wing.

“Robot dinosaurs help unlock the evolution of flight” shouts a headline at New Atlas. Michael Irving uses standard hype language to try to interest a bored public dazed by non-stop evolutionary myths:
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