Beauty and Design in Nature Testifies of the Creator

Malicious Advice Mallard foolishly praises evolution instead of God.
"Malicious Advice Mallard" gives malicious advice.
Some people relish their intellectual and spiritual blindness. They say, "Prove to me that God exists!", or, "Give me evidence for creation!" The simplest approach is to simply look at nature. The amazing beauty, design, complexity and wonder — it is astonishing that some people are willing to suspend their own sensibilities to pretend that God does not exist, and indulge in the ever-changing whims of evolutionary philosophies.

I'm going to send you to a Web page that has comments and several short videos (the last video is the longest, just over eight minutes) on the wonder and complexity of nature. You'll be amazed when you read and watch at "Beauty is Truth and Truth, Beauty. The remarkable creatures designed by God reveal the tragedy of Charles Darwin's foul hypothesis! It has drained from the propagandized an appreciation for the Creator's art ..."