Can an Educated Creationist Do Science?

Is it possible for someone to enter a secular university with biblical (young earth) creationist views and not have to compromise or have his or her belief system replaced with evolutionism?

Jason Petersen of Answers for Hope interviewed Jessica Roberts. She has degrees, including her recent bachelor's  in Molecular Biology, and has a master's in health science. Quite often, we have "educators" that want to belittle, intimidate, obfuscate and more to their students so they can protect their fundamentally flawed worldview. (Of course, true science and true education require actually examining the evidence.) Jessica's experience echoes many of the things creationists encounter. For her, the stakes were higher than just dealing with someone who wants to be contentious. But things went better than might be expected. 

The interview is in two parts, written and video.
Here is the written portion of the interview:

1. Why are you a Young Earth Creationist?
I am a Young Earth Creationist b/c I believe this is the most consistent view with what the Bible teaches and I see it as the most compatible with the evidence creation offers us today. When Scripture and science are laid out side by side they correlate splendidly well. If I could find no proof on earth today for evidence of rapid decay via a world-wide global flood that matched with the account in the Bible of Noah’s Flood, then I would be hard-pressed to believe in the literal 6-day time frame of creation as it so naturally reads in Genesis. (Although I will admit my faith would tenaciously hold on to it, albeit perhaps not as brazenly, because I have seen in other arenas of scrutiny that the Bible stands the test of time eventually once archaeology and science “catch up.”) But thankfully, I can boldly declare I am a Young Earth Creationist because of the ample testimony God has given us in this world He created, if we would but shut our mouths long enough to let our eyes see the truth.
Not so fast, Nellie. To read the rest, and to see the video part of the interview, you need to visit "Questioning Evolution: Jason Petersen interviews a creationist graduate from the University of Central Florida".