Haeckel, Fraud, Deceit and Evolutionary Education

We have already shown that textbooks contain bad and even fraudulent material. Although the secret is out, it is still happening: Junk is still in textbooks (as you can see in the articles here). Worse, people like Eugenie Scott and others encourage "educators" to lie to their students. The end justifies the means, ja mein herr? One of the perpetually perpetrated propaganda pieces is the use of the Haeckel drawings that have been known to be fake for years.

Let's not let false similarities deceive us.
And yet, the topic is still controversial; not only is the subject a huge embarrassment to evolutionists, but some are still trying to defend the fraud! (One guy Tweeted to me that it didn't matter that the drawings were fake, they were still true — *facepalm*). While creationists may make mistakes, we do not resort to defending, rehabilitating and excusing outright fraud.

It would help curtail the embarrassment if they did not keep putting this nonsense in the textbooks!

I learned about the following article and video from a friend of the ministry. It is by E. van Niekerk, who has studied zoology and completed a degree in engineering.
For more than a century, one of the foremost bastions of Darwinian evolution has been that embryos of different animals pass through a similar stage in which they resemble one another very closely. Although embryologists had long known this to be false, a bomb exploded in 1997 when an embryologist actually published real photos of embryos, showing many more differences than previously thought. The embarrassment to the evolutionary community was severe. But now a historian has made a serious attempt to rehabilitate Haeckel by revising both the history and the science around his claims.
You can finish reading "Countering revisionism—part 1: Ernst Haeckel, fraud is proven", (Part 2 about Haeckel is here if you wish to see it now) and then see this video: