How Was Evolutionism Created?

Where did evolution come from? The minds of men. But Darwin (who was not a great scientist — his only degree was in theology) plagiarized others, including his grandfather Erasmus. Various proposals of evolution cropped up throughout history, and it can be found in ancient pagan Greek religious beliefs. People seem to be desperate to find excuses to deny the Creator his rightful place.

Science was the province of Christians, who established scientific methodologies. Unfortunately, with the geology of Lyell (a lawyer), Hutton and others in the 1800s, plus bold pronouncements that the Bible is wrong or misunderstood, the one-sided rewriting of history, science and theology had begun.
A press release titled “The Evolution of Creationism” in a geology journal is just asking for a spoof.
The Geological Society of America (GSA) posted the following press release on its publication, GSA Today:
Throughout history, people have sought to understand how the world came to be and how it has changed over time. This curiosity has produced a rich legacy of science and philosophy and impacted and influenced religion and theology. In the November 2012 issue of GSA Today, David Montgomery of the University of Washington examines both the history of geology and of biblical views regarding Earth’s origins.
Montgomery’s main premise is that throughout most of the past several hundred years, scientists and theologians engaged in extensive collaboration regarding issues like Earth’s age and origin. The common bond that sustained this rich exchange of ideas was a respect for reason and a trust in the scientific process.
As modern science evolved, so did many shared questions and struggles regarding how to best understand Earth’s age as well as how new scientific findings harmonized with or conflicted with theological understanding as conveyed in works such as the Bible. These questions and struggles persist into the present, most notably in geology, where vast differences in the answers to such fundamental questions as “how old is this planet?” both correlate and contrast with some religious beliefs.
You can read the rest of the press release, the commentary and the parody, at "The Creation of Evolutionism".