Blasting Cambrian Explosion Explanations

The Cambrian Explosion still falsifies evolution, despite the "Science of the Gaps" excuses.

We are constantly being told that the fossils prove evolution. However, even though many ambiguous fossils are put forth as "transitional forms", knowledgeable paleontologists admit that they do not exist, despite the claims of Darwin's Cheerleaders. In addition, the "Cambrian Explosion" (where fossils of all major groups of animals alive today, and many that became extinct) has been a falsifier for Darwinism since Papa Darwin published his speculations; evolution should have been discarded for lack of evidence shortly after it was popularized.

The Cambrian Explosion still falsifies evolution, despite Science of the Gaps excuses. Here is a picture of trilobites.
Credit: Freeimages / Dave Dyet
The facts do not stop people from believing, however. People believe in evolution despite the evidence, and, with an attitude that is contrary to science, will refer to Darwin deniers as "liars" (possibly because they are terrified that they will realize that there is a Creator and they are accountable after all) and give "Science of the Gaps" excuses.

The "problem" of the Cambrian Explosion is no problem at all for biblical creationists, because a sudden appearance without transitional forms in the fossil record is predicted by Noachian Flood models. Still, evolutionists try (and fail) to offer plausible explanations. God forbid (heh!) that you hear the truth.
An intelligent design advocate is publishing a book this month that uses the Cambrian Explosion as evidence against Darwinism and for I.D.  Two major evolutionary paleontologists have also published a book about the issue.
Stephen Meyer’s new book, Darwin’s Doubt, is officially released next week.  Chapter 4 will tell about the uproar caused at the University of Oklahoma in 2009 when Meyer and Wells scheduled a panel discussion after a showing of Illustra’s film Darwin’s Dilemma about the Cambrian fossil record.  Darwinists at the university attempted a pre-emptive strike by issuing announcements that the event was religiously motivated.  In the Q&A, though, the university’s professors and museum curators could not produce any unambiguous fossil as a credible ancestor to any of the Cambrian animals.  Meyer’s book, updated with the latest findings since then, examines all the putative fossil ancestors and evolutionary exlanations for the Cambrian explosion, and assesses the issue’s relevance to the Darwin-ID debate.
Meanwhile, two leading evolutionary paleontologists have just come out with a pro-evolution book about the sudden appearance of virtually all animal phyla at the base of the Cambrian.  Written by Douglas Erwin and James Valentine, experts on the Cambrian fossil record, the new work, The Cambrian Explosion The Construction of Animal Biodiversity, was reviewed by Christpher J. Lowe (Stanford) in Science Magazine this week: “What Led to Metazoa’s Big Bang?” was his suggestive headline.  His first paragraph states the problem in such a way as to furrow the brows of Darwinists and make creationists or ID advocates grin, “We told you so.”
Unless you're petrified, you can read the rest of "Cambrian Explosion: Evolutionists Have No Answers", here.