Scepticus Ad Absurdum, or, Ridiculous Skepticism

And now for something completely different. Sort of.

We have seen that "skeptics" are often caricatures of themselves, cynically finding any possible way to bolster their evolutionary worldview and find excuses to disregard evidence for creation. Some people who call themselves "skeptics" are being dishonest with that name, as they are not open to any explanations or evidence other than what they want to see.

The article that I am going to link was given to me by a friend. It is not exactly sympathetic to Intelligent Design or to creation science. Their primary focus is on the skeptical debunkers of the paranormal. The site is called "Skeptical Investigations", and they are "skeptical about skeptics", promoting objectivity in scientific investigation. This article has several points in which ultra-skeptic atheist and evolutionists are guilty; these people often act in an irrational manner, and go against the spirit of true scientific inquiry.
The progress of science depends on a finely tuned balance between open-mindedness and skepticism. Be too open minded, and you'll accept wrong claims. Be too skeptical, and you'll reject genuine new discoveries. Proper skepticism must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Unfortunately, much of what comes out of the "skeptical" community these days is not proper skepticism, but all-out, fundamentalist disbelief. Such skepticism can be called pseudo-skepticism, pathological skepticism or bogus skepticism.
Here are the warning signs of bogus skepticism.
You can believe that this article is not only real, but makes some good points, and it would be a good idea to finish reading "Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Skepticism".