Getting the Picture on Photosynthesis

As you probably remember from your basic science courses, photosynthesis is the process where plants process sunlight and make food. This video explains a bit more in a couple of minutes:

Dry Lake, San Gorgonio Wilderness/San Bernardino National Forest
Carol Underhill, USDA Forest Service
Recently, more details of the speed and efficiency of the process have come to light (heh!). The process is truly amazing, and, as usual, evolutionists put on their Darwin Spectacles to give praise and glory to "nature" and "evolution" as if they were intelligent deities. The transformation of sunlight to food gets all the way down to the level of quantum physics!
The magic of light capture by plants is so small and fast, its secrets are only now being understood.

Lightning is slow compared to photosynthesis. A press release from the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) explains how “antenna proteins” capture photons of sunlight and ferry the energy to reaction centers:
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