Basic Geology Refutes Creation Science — Because David Montgomery So!

One trick that evolutionist tinhorns use to dry-gulch creationists is to dismiss their evidence out of hand. Another trick is to misrepresent their research. David Montgomery has done both, showing a lack of integrity, bad scholarship, and plain old laziness.

David Montgomery dismissed all creation science with logical fallacies and affirming his failed uniformitarian views. He needs to do some serious research.

Professor Montgomery is talking from his uniformitarian, naturalistic presuppositions (as expected, everyone uses their presuppositions, after all). But he also uses logical fallacies of insufficient evidence, straw man misrepresentations of both church history and the abundant evidence presented by creationist scientists in his field. Simply laughing off the creationist view out of hand is ridiculous. Seeing the bad reasoning on his part, however, that dismissal is not surprising. If he took a serious look at the evidence provided by Flood geologists, Montgomery should be able to see that the evidence refutes his uniformitarian views.
Recently David Montgomery, professor of earth and space sciences at University of Washington, wrote an article for The Conversation (which prides itself on “academic rigor”). In it this evolutionary geologist boldly proclaims that even apart from the evidence for evolution “basic geology disproves creationism.” The article flows out of his book The Rocks Don’t Lie (2012).

He heads his article with a 1570 painting of Noah’s Ark that looks like a floating bathtub, completely contrary to the Bible’s description. That is just the beginning of the inaccuracies, misinterpretations, and the lack of academic rigor in the article.

He tells us that a slab of polished conglomerate rock on the wall outside his university office easily disproves the creationist view of earth history, including Noah’s Flood as a global catastrophe.
The rocks don't lie, they don't talk at all. To read the rest of the article, click on "Basic Geology Disproves Creationism?"