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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Icefish Antifreeze?

The Antarctic areas have many critters that not only survive the intense cold, but even thrive there. Humans need special clothing, supplies, preparations, and even training for a stay of any length. If you drag along some creature that's not built for the area, you have to go to great lengths to keep it alive. There are several species of Antarctic icefish that are doing right well, and their survivability is like reading science fiction.

The Antarctic areas have many critters that not only survive the intense cold, but even thrive there. the Antarctic icefish was designed by the Creator with a kind of antifreeze to ensure that it survives the cold.
Chionodraco rastrospinosus, an Antarctic icefish
Photographer: Valerie Loeb / Credit: NOAA NMFS SWFSC Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) Program
While "normal" living things would have their blood thicken too much before they finally froze to death, the Antarctic icefish has a kind of antifreeze in its blood. Wait, should we call that "blood"? It has no hemoglobin or red blood cells! It was designed by the Creator to live and prosper in the bitter cold.
Antarctic icefish happily live in the ocean waters surrounding Antarctica. The temperatures there often remain below freezing, making survival difficult for most living creatures. Saltwater freezes at a lower temperature than freshwater due to the salt’s disturbance of water’s crystallization. Though the water outside remains liquid, the frigid cold still causes the water in a fish’s veins to freeze. Such freezing will prove fatal to any creature not prepared for it.

But no worries for the icefish. How does it manage to survive—and thrive—in such frigid waters? Just as one sparrow will not fall apart from the Father’s care (Matthew 10:29), He carefully provided for the pale icefish as well.
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