Podcasts — Michael Boehm Interviews Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Michael Boehm of Youth Apologetics Training interviews Cowboy Bob Sorensen about atheism, logical fallacies, creation science, and more.

As regular readers have probably noticed, I have previously mentioned Michael Boehm and his "Youth Apologetics Training" podcast. However, I had not heard of him until he contacted me through The Question Evolution Project on July 11 of this year. 

My immediate response was suspicion. In the past, I've had atheopaths try to set me up for humiliation on the Web and on Facebook, and I don't reckon arguing with people who hate God, the Bible, Christians, biblical creationists, and me, are a good expenditure of time and intellectual energy. So, I checked. Yes, Mr. Boehm has an extensive catalog of podcasts on many subjects (the older ones were about 15 minutes, often serialized). I gave a tentative "yes", and began listening to his podcasts on evolution.

Seems legit, no heresies found here. Do I disagree with him on some things? You betcha! Thinking people do that, you know. But they were not matters of any great importance. As I listened to his podcasts, I wondered why he needed me. He knows these things quite well. 

The show is "Youth Apologetics Training". I'm not a cool guy by youth standards. (I like to say, "There's a store in the mall called 'Cool and Hip'. They asked me to leave." Actually, don't think I've even been in there.)

My wife had to explain to me that Dr. Evil was doing the Macarena. I am so with it. Indeed.

Mike told me that he thought I had something to offer his listeners. Okay. Besides, the podcast is not loaded with lingo, and definitely doesn't talk down to people. That's good, I think that people want to be talked to, not "related to" in a put-on way. In addition, Boehm's audience includes many people who are not so young, either. I'm part of that throng. Besides, the name of the podcast is going to be changing.

We hit it off quite well, and Mike said that he wanted to record a second part the following week! Low self-image time here. He has interviewed Eric HovindIan Juby, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr. Charles Jackson, Dr. Donald DeYoung, Dr. Jason Lisle, Sandra Tanner, and many more. Me, I'm a nobody! Well, check that. I'm a nobody in the eyes of the world, just someone who has an online creation science ministry that he does after work and on weekends. But Jesus Christ, God the Son, died for me and has risen from the dead for my sins and yours. The Creator of the universe indwells me; I'm accepted by the one who matters most.

I said that angry atheists use the word "creatard" (or "creotard"). Here's one.

We discussed how atheists are getting more aggressive. (One problem is when they will fill up Amazon with one-star reviews without having read the book, heard the CD, watched the DVD, or whatever. Since Amazon does not bother to keep control of the trolls on their review system, I stopped using it, since it's often worthless.) Atheists will attack Christians (especially creationists), but we can be forewarned and forearmed against their buffaloing bluster.

 A problem with interviews, especially with people who don't do them frequently, is having the train of thought derailed. I wandered off and left some things hanging; hopefully, I'm more consistent with finishing thoughts in my writing. 

Mr. Boehm learned that this ol' cowboy's got a mouth on him, and he ain't afeared ta use it. We had some technical difficulties in the second part, so you'll notice some words getting a bit looooong on my end, but that happens. It's not overly distracting. (The best way to have an interview is with all parties involved in the same recording studio with expensive equipment.) I've heard similar audio oddities in interviews done over the phone.

The links to both parts of the interview are at the bottom. First, I'm giving links to some things that are pertinent to the discussions, (if people want more information). Interestingly, a couple of the articles appeared just before and between our recording sessions that fit right in: "Practical Evangelism: Taking the Roof Off" and "Feedback — Is Atheism a Religion?"

I made a reference to Duke Nukem. So, here you go:

If you still have a mind to, you can hear the interview. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here. Let's rock!