DNA is No Friend of Evolution

Every once in a while, Darwin's Drones will make simplistic remarks like, "Evolution is true. DNA proves it!" They are probably fans of Clinton Richard Dawkins, who made similar disingenuous remarks himself. Problem is, that tinhorn knows better.

DNA has an amazingly complex and sophisticated code, which indicates the design of the Creator, and has nothing to do with evolution.
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay.com
DNA is amazingly complex, its code is very sophisticated. It has several important functions to not only keep living things alive, but to help us reproduce after our kind. No, DNA could not possibly be made by evolution. Instead, the Creator designed it for very intricate purposes.
According to leading atheist Professor Richard Dawkins, the most compelling evidence for evolution is found in DNA. In his book, The Greatest Show on Earth, he states that the DNA code (that is, the DNA language) is the same in all life forms—a fact, he claims, that “shows more clearly than anything else that all living creatures are descended from a single ancestor.” This statement, however, is very misleading, as there are a number of exceptions to this ‘fact’—some creatures use a variation of the code. Moreover, these exceptions, along with the nature of the code itself, actually provide one of the strongest arguments against evolution.

DNA is found in every cell of our bodies (in at least some stage of its development) and has a beautiful appearance, having the shape of a spiral staircase. The steps (or rungs) are like letters in our alphabet and, ascending or descending the staircase, the letters taken together spell words which have meanings. Altogether, there are around three billion letters in human DNA, which amounts to a lot of information—about a thousand books the size of the Bible. For example, it contains the information needed to grow a baby from a fertilized egg—how to build the heart, lungs, brain and so on. As adults, we need DNA too, as it stores the software that controls much of what goes on inside us.
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