Michael Boehm Interviews Ian Juby about the Ham-Nye Debate

Remember the February 4, 2014 debate between Ken Ham and Bill "I'm not a scientist, but I played one on TV" Nye? You know, the debate that Ham is encouraging people to watch, and it can be seen for free here, but Nye doesn't talk about? Strange, evolutionists and atheists were claiming victory. Actually, Nye used numerous logical fallacies as well as thinly-veiled personal attacks, and his supporters (such as this one) tend to use fallacies as well.

Recently, I was contacted by Michael Boehm of "Youth Apologetics Training", and have been listening to his podcasts. (Don't be ruffled by the "youth" part, this isn't kid stuff and adults like the podcasts, too.) He covers many topics. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he interviewed Ian Juby of "Genesis Week", and I regret not knowing about both Michael's work and this interview long ago. Sorry about the picture, I couldn't get a more recent picture of Ian Juby, so I had to take a screenshot from a video.
Let's face it, Ken Ham did a fantastic job. Nonetheless, I have received tons of questions concerning some of the unanswered questions that Bill Nye posed. It's easy for an atheist to ask a two sentence question. The problem is most of these questions take five to ten minutes to give a good answer. In this series I interview Ian Juby of Genesis Week about the debate and we discuss the unanswered questions. Are there animals that swam to different geologic layers? Does creationism provide scientific predictions that can be tested? Does the Young Earth Creation model have natural laws that changed? What about the starlight time problem? Were going to cover all this and so much more. Don't miss out.
If you've a mind to, you can hear the discussion (free, of course). It's in four parts of 19, 18, 17, and 35 minutes, respectively. I did the sorting for you, and you can find them at Sermon Audio. Look for the "Play" button to listen online, or click the arrow-like thingie to download.

If you don't like that approach, you can go to the podcast archive and, using your browser's search function, look for "Ken Ham" or "Bill Nye", find the four links that have numbers after them (501-504), ignore the unnumbered one, that is mis-labeled and has something to do with Leviticus. In Windows lingo, right-click each and "save link as" (or similar). Hope you like them! Now I have to go back and get the other interview with Ian Juby.