Sexual Reproduction and Evolution

Sexual reproduction is an ongoing mystery for evolutionists to explain. They make attempts, but give only speculations, and even leave out important information.

The primary purpose of sexual activity is reproduction. Unlike humans, very few animals seem to actually seek it out as a form of recreation. Sexual reproduction is one of the most baffling problems for evolutionists to comprehend; they try to explain its origins, but fail. In some ways, it's inefficient, and asexual reproduction may be better. 

There was a study where evolutionary scientists claimed to have an explanation as to why sex persists, but to keep evolutionary mythology going, these owlhoots conveniently left out a key observation. The fact remains that this method of procreation was designed by the Creator, and did not evolve. I reckon that since materialists do not believe in the afterlife, sexual reproduction is their attempt at having immortality by having young 'uns and passing along their genes.
Biologists from the U.K. conducted a 10-year-long experiment on common flour beetles to help understand why insects keep on using sexual reproduction despite its inefficiencies. Though they interpreted the results as supporting evolution, a key observation on the immutability of reproductive systems calls that into question.
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