Convergent Evolution Through Convergent Illogic

Evolution is given credit for all sorts of changes, big and small, even when it's nowhere near reasonable. It is a puny god of the gaps, hailed with EvolutionDidIt® when there is no reasonable scientific explanation. Its equally inane cousin is what they call "convergent evolution". That is, different critters, plants, whatever, have similar characteristics, even though they are not related to each other. Nice policeman's exit (cop out). 

Evolution of the gaps is bad enough, but "convergent evolution" is a cop-out that avoids the logical conclusion that things were created with similar design features.

I can just imagine how they came up with the concept. Hint: not through logic and science. The logical answer is that things were created with similar design features.

Unfortunately, Darwinistas are "seeing" evolution where it isn't all too frequently. To read some of their proclamations, click on "More Examples of 'Convergent Evolution' Claimed". In a way, they're kind of funny.