Evolutionary Science Continues in Uselessness

Advocates of fish-to-fortune-teller evolution insist that it is supported by predictability. Not hardly. Fact is, when evolutionists are not actually hindering scientific progress by clinging to their paradigms, they are baffled by what they actually observe. 

Advocates of evolution insist that it is supported by predictability. Fact is, evolutionary thinking hinders science, and its scientists are frequently baffled by what they observe.
Snow Leopard / Pixabay / Skeeze
"Did you see that snow leopard?"
"Yeah, I spotted him."

"Not funny, Cowboy Bob!"

Yeah, I should stop using old jokes. But then, evolutionists should stop riding that worn-out old nag (their worldview) and get a fresh horse (evidence shows creation, not evolution). Speaking of the snow leopard, cats need low altitude because their hemoglobin isn't good at carrying blood. But the snow leopard is way, way up there in low-oxygen areas. 

Other research baffling evolutionists include how natural selection actually can impede the formation of new species, bunches of new bacterial phyla gnawing at the evolutionary tree of life, sunflowers are pushing back the date of their evolution 20 millions years, "adaptive radiation" needs revising, and more.

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