Origin of Life Myths Are Losing Bets for Science

Scientists have the same facts available. Working from their naturalistic worldviews, their speculations on the origin of life (abiogenesis) are as organized as a cattle stampede. This should not be surprising, since they reject the truth that is clearly revealed in God's Word and prefer to create their own mythology.

Some evolutionists don't cotton to the notion, so they distance themselves, claiming that "Origin of life has nothing to do with evolution". Yes, it does. I reckon the two best possibilities for such a claim are ignorance, and outright lying. That's right, I said it! This video on the scientific case for the origin of life should clear things up.

Although some scientists resort to pushing the problem out into space (panspermia), but Ceres and comets are not giving much hope for that. Other scientists still try to find ways to find it right here on Earth. They are unscientific and often contradictory. That water puddle may be where it all began. No, it's hydrothermal vents. Wait, it's the actions of stars... You can read the science fiction presented as science by clicking on "Origin of Life for Dummies".