Putting a Spin on Dinosaur Feathers

Many evolutionists are so precommitted to their worldview that they state opinions as facts. This is happening with scientists and their eager press regarding an alleged "feathered velociraptor".

We expect Darwinists to argue from their worldviews, everyone does that. But when they commence to stating opinions based on their philosophical precommitments as scientific facts, that's over the line. Many evolutionists insist that dinosaurs evolved into birds despite contrary scientific evidence. Their rampant speculations have caused them a heapin' helpin' of trouble several times in the past (such as Archaeoraptor, the fraud from Liaoning, China). They're setting themselves up for another possible fall again.

A good fossil that they called Zhenyuanlong has been found, so scientists and their sensationalistic press are stampeding to make wild-eyed claims of a feathered velociraptor. There are several problems with the scenario, including the fact that it came from fossil Souvenir Central in (wait for it) Liaoning, China. Lots of fake fossils come from China. The origins of this one are suspicious, and scientists are not in unison that it's a feathered dinosaur, it may (if the thing is real in the first place) be just a flightless bird. These people really need to learn both humility and restraint, since those qualities fit true scientific investigation.
Discoverers admit this could be a flightless bird. That’s not the only problem.

A near-complete skeleton of a “feathered dinosaur,” dubbed Zhenyuanlong, has been announced from China’s Liaoning province. The open-access scientific paper by Junchang Lu and Steven Brusatte appears in Nature’s journal Scientific Reports. Once again, it was donated by “a local farmer, who is not willing to reveal his identity.” The five-foot-long creature has modern-looking feather impressions on its body, arms and tail, but its arms are too short, the authors say, to have allowed it to fly. A Chinese artist’s painting of a toothed creature running through a forest with a variety of multicolored feathers was quickly reproduced by the news media.
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