Early Earth Ocean Excitement

"Science is self-correcting", they say. Not hardly! Scientists tend to cling to their paradigms. Sometimes it's out of pride, other times it's because an idea is presumed to be an undisputed fact, other reasons — but especially if it involves evolution in some way. Evolutionary theories keep getting retooled these days, don't they?

The old textbook concept of an ancient dry Earth is being challenged, but some scientists are resisting the change. They should go all-out and accept the fact that the Earth was created recently, oceans and all.
Image credit: morgueFile / kconnors
For a long time, the established view was that, since Earth and the rest of the solar system formed out of hot gasses at about the same time, it was dry when it cooled off. A new theory gets traditional long-age scientists all het up because it says Earth was wet, and did not get water from asteroids. That causes consternation, because other scientists need the asteroid theory, despite contrary evidence, because asteroids and things supposedly brought life here so it could evolve. These science-deniers are suppressing the truth that creation scientists have been telling them all along: the evidence shows the Earth is much younger than fits into their schemes, was created wet, very good — and fit for life.
Time to rewrite the textbooks again. Earth started out wet, scientists now claim, overturning decades of dogma.

“Earth may have kept its own water rather than getting it from asteroids,” reads a story title in Science Magazine , a summary of a paper in Science. The authors concluded, from divination of lavas on Baffin Island collected in 1985 (Astrobiology Magazine), that the mantle must have gained its water directly from the protoplanetary nebula.

Astronomers had been telling the public for many years that Earth started out dry and got its water from comets. When the deuterium ratio of comet ice turned out to be too high, they had a problem.
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