Where Did the Mind Come From?

If you study on it for a spell, you'll realize that the brain and the mind are extremely complicated. DNA is busy doing work, perception is happening, signals are being relayed so we can make sense of what our senses tell us, we have abstract thought, composition, and much more. You've really got to hand it to the brain!

The purposeful, complex activities of the brain and mind show the work of the Creator. Of course, some evolutionists give ridiculous praise to evolution.
Image credit: Pixabay / geralt
There has been a tremendous amount of research being conducted regarding the brain, thought processes, various aspects of neuroscience, and the like. Some give the typical hand-waving adoration of Darwin (it seems like some scientists consider this obligatory), there is some dreadful science with fact-free conjectures — and some that not only shows how evolutionary thinking has nothing to do with biological science, and even hints at the Creator.
Evolutionists take swipes at saying the most complex matter in the universe is a product of blind, aimless processes of nature.

Did sight emerge from blindness without wanting to? Did thinking emerge from irrational matter? These are the propositions evolutionists must accept in their attempts to build a human brain from nonliving solids and fluids, and ultimately from a nothingness that exploded. Let’s look at some evolutionary perspectives on the mind, then consider discoveries that point to creation.
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