Real Science Radio Interview of Professor Steve Taylor

While it's helpful to read about creation scientists of the past and present, it's nice to hear actual interviews with them. It also helps silence owlhoots who lie about the lack of intelligence and credentials of creation scientists.

Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart continues his invasion of Britain with an interview of Professor Steve Taylor (not to be confused with recording artist Steve Taylor). Dr. Taylor is an expert in electrical engineering, and has done work on accelerated mass spectrometry. He works on mass spectrometry at the University of Liverpool.

National Electrostatics Corporation 250kV accelerator mass spectrometer in a biomedical laboratory.
Image Credit: US Department of Energy
Professor Taylor rejects evolution and affirms biblical creation. Steve and Bob discussed accelerated mass spectrometry, making a portable carbon-14 device, his work with his government in helping detect chemical weapons, and more. The interview begins at the get-go. You can listen online or download at "RSR in the UK with University of Liverpool's Steve Taylor".
Real Science Radio interview with Professor Steve Taylor on mass spectrometry and other topics.
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