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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Universe is Falling into Disorder

One basic fact is that things go from order to disorder unless acted on by something outside. Creationists have given many evidences for a young Earth and young solar system, and one of the most famous is that of long- and short-term comets that can not exist for the alleged age of the solar system because they burn up. Secular cosmologists have come up with the Kuiper Belt and the purely imaginary Oort Cloud to replenish the supply, but those don't help the speculations. To make matters worse for the "deep time" gang, there are many evidences for a young solar system, including recent activity around Saturn.

There is a great deal of entropy in outer space. This belies and old universe, and affirms the young universe that biblical creationists have been saying.
Comet Hale-Bopp / Credit: NASA
Comets are a small part of what is being seen elsewhere in the universe showing how things are burning up and wearing out. What is seen reflects what biblical creationists have said all along: the universe is not nearly as old as secularists claim. To read the bad news for them, click on "Entropy in Space Seen at All Scales".

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