The Foolishnes of Demonizing Creationists

Advocates of atoms-to-antitheist evolution have a habit of demonizing Christians, especially creationists. Ridicule of individuals and organizations is a registered brand at the Darwin Ranch, and this approach goes way, way back. People like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss, and others proclaim that creation science is a hindrance to true science, and do not admit to the true hindrances to science that evolutionary thinking has caused. This is actually lying about the history of modern science. Clinton Richard Dawkins is taking demonizing a mite literally.

Demonizing creationists is actually a lie about the history of modern science. The truth is, science developed under a biblical environment.

Modern scientific methods have evolved (heh!) in a biblical environment. That's because other cultures did not foster the development of science. Creationists want to know the hows and whys of God's handiwork. We can be thankful for the godly people who developed science and scientific methods.
World leading antitheist Richard Dawkins has once more blasted creationists in an interview in the Wall Street Journal. He took special offence at the Christian creationist involvement in science and society, once again showing no respect or understanding of our common humanity. A day or so later we witnessed another mass killing in American classrooms where a social misfit took his aggression out on his peers, apparently singling out Christians in particular, at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. His social media files suggest an unhealthy interest in guns, violence, the Nazis and the Occult. The targeting of Christians may have happened in other incidents as well, for instance at the Columbine tragedy in 1999.

While we cannot directly link Dawkins’ comments to the school shooting, he and other ‘New atheists’ have twisted the perception of Christians, and especially creationists, creating a climate of hatred, ignorance and disrespect in society. Sam Harris wishes to heap such embarrassment upon faith in God that it becomes impossible for people to express their belief. Even Christian evolutionists can’t escape this hatred; evolutionist Michael Reiss was forced out of his position at the Royal Society (UK) simply for calling for respectful dialogue with evolution dissenters in the science classroom (see here). And Dawkins is perhaps the most vocal voice of this aggressive new atheism. If Dawkins spoke of the Jewish community in the way he speaks of Christians he would be labelled anti-Semitic—and rightly so. But what of anti-Christian rhetoric where one’s words may incite hatred of Christians? Do the likes of Dawkins have a responsibility to be more careful in what they say?
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