Evolutionary Blame Shifting

One of the most common moves for someone who feels that they've been dealt a losing hand is to play the victim card. It's usually a move to get sympathy from the uninformed, emotionally-driven crowd or from peers who shave the same perspectives as the card player. Instead of playing the hand they're dealt or cashing in their chips and finding another game, they try to stack the deck and manipulate others.

One trick that people use when they want to play for sympathy is to "play the victim card". Atheists, evolutionists, and others are great at this. When the facts are checked (as in the linked story), the victims are actually dishonest.
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There are certain political parties that are famous for this, as well as atheists and evolutionists who realize that they've been bested by Christians and creationists. When this "oh poor me, I'm a victim" move is used, it can be cranked up to blaming other people for circumstances of the player's own making. It's sort of like an old joke I heard: A mother hears crying from the living room and rushes in. "What's the matter, little Tyler?", and Tyler sobs, "Tony hit me back!"

Creationists have to deal with bad plays like this quite frequently.

Here is a story where the evolution-biased media accepts false reporting from a fake "victim", and uses it to blame others who were not the cause.
The Australian Museum claims it has righted a wrong against one of its earliest curators Johann Ludwig Gerard Krefft whom they say was sacked for being—wait for it—an evolutionist!

Known as Gerard Krefft, he was curator from 1864 to 1874, and was physically removed from office in a public and humiliating manner. He subsequently sued for unfair dismissal and the government of the day agreed to pay some compensation but—for various reasons including that he refused to accept the terms under which it was awarded—he did not receive the full amount.

The museum’s current director, Kim McKay, has given up her traditional office space and turned it into the ‘Krefft Room’ as a tribute to the zoologist and palaeontologist. Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC, devoted almost seven minutes to that story on its 7.30 television program.
To read the rest, get ready to cry for the "victim" and click on "Was Gerard Krefft sacked for being an evolutionist?"