Making God More Attractive through Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Theistic Evolutionists and other long-age compromisers have claimed that biblical creationists are distorting the gospel message and being harmful to the overall health and unity of the church as a whole. Why? Because we believe that the Bible means what it says, even back in Genesis 1, and don't cotton to adding to God's Word (Prov. 30:6). People have come to faith in Christ through biblical creation ministries, and I reckon one reason is that we don't compromise on the authority of the Bible. They, however, are trying to make God more attractive by elevating atheistic interpretations of evidence to the magisterial position, and telling God what he said and meant. By adding to God's Word and taking a low view of Scripture, they are essentially lying about God. These owlhoots invariably demonize biblical creationists, as I discussed in one example, here.

Theistic evolutionists and other old Earth compromisers claim that they are making the gospel more attractive to unbelievers by removing biblical creation. What kind of gospel is it that needs help from heresies?

We're used to being called "science deniers", creatards, cultists, and other things by atheists and liberal "Christians". In fact, N.T. Wright called us Gnostics! (Interestingly, some misotheists use a kind of Gnostic approach that, if God exists, he's evil and wrote the Bible to deceive people.) People who know the Bible can see that the bad theology of theistic evolution is destructive to the gospel message by its reworking of the Pelagian heresy, and twisting Scripture in general. If you check the statement of faith on many biblical creationists' sites including Answers In Genesis, Creation Ministries International, Institute for Creation Research, even mine, you'll be hard pressed to find anything outlandish.

"Yeah, but you're anti-science!" 

Better read this about the anti-science charge, old son. 

By the way, TEs and atheists accusing creationists of believing in "magic". Well, many TEs believe that, although the Genesis account of creation is not literal in their eyes, Adam was real — in a sense. At some point, God bestowed souls on hominids, then one became Adam. That's strictly imagination and eisegesis, and it smacks of magic.

Meanwhile, the compromisers and heretics are often cozying up with atheists to slap leather with creationists and promote evolutionism. (Like the tinhorn atheopath that said, "And the reason people like me and Tyler Francke repudiate a 'young' Earth is not because it is 'biblical' but because it is SHEER NONSENSE.") Of course, they are both arguing from a Bible-denying worldview and ignoring the abundant evidence that not only demonstrates a young Earth, but refutes old Earth hypotheses. Both camps ride together for the Darwin Brand. One claims to be Christian (but with a low view of Scripture, lacking understanding of it, and presenting heresy). The professing atheists in other camp suppress the truth of God (Prov. 18:2, Rom. 1:18-22). 

Why can't we believe what atheists say about God? Seems like a silly question even on the surface, but apparently it needs to be addressed. They hate God (Rom. 1:28-32, Rom. 8:6-8), and cannot understand spiritual matters (1 Cor. 2:14). Further, they do not seek God (Psalm 10:4) and need to be born from above (John 3:3, Rom. 6:23Col. 1:21). 

I contend that evolutionism is a cult, and it's mighty interesting that "Christian" cults have a burr under their collective saddles regarding biblical creation. False religions hate the truth of God's Word, including atheism and theistic evolutionism, seeking to destroy the foundations of the gospel found in creation. Really, if evolution were true, there would be no need for God the Creator: Is there creation with a purpose, or wasteful, cruel, random chance? Evolution and creation cannot be reconciled, the conflict is too great. People who play around with compromise bring to mind 1 Kings 18:21. 

Judas was accepted as one of the twelve inner core of disciples, even though they knew he was a thief (John 12:6), but was a superficial "believer". When Jesus said that he was going to be betrayed, nobody said, "I bet I know who it is!" and named Judas (John 13:21-25). Theistic evolutionists pose as one of our number, but their false teachings are dangerous, and they should be exposed for what they are. If nothing else, I recommend avoiding them so they don't corrupt your theology.

Let God be God, and let his Word speak plainly. There is no need for TEs and other compromisers to lie about God so that he is more attractive to unbelievers; what kind of gospel — or God — would need that?  Also, it's not up to us in our wisdom to do the saving (1 Cor. 2:1-5), people are saved through the work of the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5). We need to present the gospel message accurately, without compromise, and the gospel begins in Genesis 1:1. Apostates, atheists, and false teachers need to repent before it's too late (John 3:18 ESV).