Evolutionists Go Nuts Over Primordial Soup

Some advocates of virus-to-virologist evolution try to distance themselves from origin of life problems by claiming that abiogenesis has nothing to do with evolution. People who have two or more brain cells to rub together can easily tell that this is false. If you study on it, you'll see that not only is the origin of life prominent in textbooks, documentaries (just ask David Attenborough), NASA, and so forth that deal with evolution, but you can't have anything evolve if there is nothing living. That means the origin of life is important to evolutionism. Savvy?

Despite dishonest evolutionists who claim that the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution, evolutionists are going wild with strange ideas to promote abiogenesis.
Image by Rudi Williams, American Forces Press Service, 2002
Although the chances of one cell evolving by chance are about one in forget it, a few cling to the idea, and others put the problem way up in the nothingmuch of deep space. Some troublemaker at the Darwin Ranch dropped a string of firecrackers in the Origin of Life Corral, and all the horses bolted in different directions.

Wild ideas about panspermia that amount to "It could have happened in space, but we don't have any evidence" are promoted as "science". Lots of guesswork about the "primordial soup" where life allegedly evolved is getting really weird, based on assumptions about the distant based, which in turn were based on evolutionary presuppositions. Then, maybe Earth wasn't such a lousy place in the distant past after all. Possibilities of life evolving in our solar system and reaching Earth "could happen" (defying the laws of physics, including burning up in the atmosphere). A lot of this stuff reads like magical tales, and they say that we believe in silly things? Oh, there are loads of evolutionary horse apples along the trail, paid for by our tax dollars, no less. This is science? Not hardly! Life was created, old son, it did not appear by chance. 

To read the origin of life stampede to foolishness, click on "Origin-of-Life Speculation Goes Off the Rails". Come on, people. The evidence refutes evolution and supports biblical creation, beginning in Genesis 1:1.