Convergent Evolution Becomes More Ridiculous

Every once in a while, you may encounter one of Darwin's Cheerleaders proclaiming the "fact" of evolution because evolution has science going for it, so you'd better shape up. They seldom admit (and many do not realize) that science is a philosophy of interpreting evidence relying on a materialistic worldview. Sure, there are some aspects of evolution that have appear to have empirical evidence, but that is often based on conflating variations with common-ancestor evolution. The rest of the alleged evidence is based on conjecture or even outright storytelling.

"Convergent evolution" increasingly ridiculous

One of the most risible concepts that Darwinists present is convergent evolution. Organisms having similar traits but are mostly unrelated (such as sonar in bats and dolphins) each evolved the characteristic separately. Such weak reasoning is based entirely on assumptions, presuppositions, circular reasoning, and personal preferences; there is no actual evidence for it. Such efforts to deny the work of the Creator seem to be increasingly desperate.
Get a load of this: Darwinians claim that complex features arose independently multiple times by an unknown process called “convergent evolution.”

Giving a name to something is not the same as explaining it. Darwinians have learned how to manipulate language to create vacuous terms that masquerade as explanations. For instance, if two organisms that share the same assumed ancestral line have similar traits, they are called “homologous” traits in Darwinese. But if the traits are similar and are not on the same ancestral line, they call them “analogous” traits. When evolution splits traits apart, they call it “divergence.” When evolution brings separate organisms together, they call it “convergence.” Evolutionists confabulate and confibulate to pretend they are doing science, when they’re actually just playing Jargonwocky. Let’s look at some examples that demonstrate how convergence—an essential ingredient in Darwin Flubber—operates according to the Stuff Happens Law.
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