The Bad Complexion of the Secular Science Industry

Ever hear of having a relationship "warts and all"? Kind of ugly wording, but it makes the point that someone accepts both the good and the bad of the other party involved. The face of the secular science industry covers up its flaws, especially regarding common-ancestor evolution and global warming. It has a bad complexion, and tries to cover up numerous flaws, which causes trust issues.

The face of the secular science industry covers up its flaws, but its complexion needs a great deal of work.
Image credit: Pixabay / kinkate
There are methodological errors, such as poor estimates of wildlife, observer interference, publication bias canonizing "facts" in science, storytelling to influence acceptance of untrue evidence, terribly flawed peer review. From there, move to moral errors, including misconduct (and covering it up), scientific racism. Then we have a passel of logical errors: leaving self-defeating proposals that are laughable from the get-go remain unchallenged, a solvent involving gene transfer being promoted as evidence of evolution, a dreadful concept of galaxy formation with infinite regress. 

Yes, the science industry has a lot of covering up to do, but it would be far better for all if they'd just clean up their act, be honest, and have the scientists get some ethics from the Creator, then do their jobs proper-like instead of cranking out half-baked propaganda. Hope you can squeeze in some time to read the article that I'm going on about, just click on "Big Science Pops its Zits".