Those Mass Extinctions in Earth's History

According to telegraphs from the gang at the Darwin Ranch, Earth has experienced five mass extinction events. These are separated by huge numbers of years and are based on a number of assumptions. They don't rightly have the evidence going for them.

Volcanic activity happened in Genesis Flood
 Credit: Col. Jeffrey N. Williams, International Space Station 13 Crew, NASA
Biblical creationists have a far different take on the so-called extinction events. There was actually one very big event: the Genesis Flood. This is supported by scientific evidence, including volcanism, rock layers in megasequences, lots of water moving very quickly, and more. Secularists dislike the Genesis Flood geology from creationary scientists because it indicates that Earth is far younger than is dreamt of in their philosophy. And minerals-to-minerologist evolution requires huge amounts of time. They get mighty irritated when their long ages are taken away — especially by scientific evidence.
What an amazing world we live in, and what an amazing world it once was! Fossils indicate that the earth has been covered with a wondrous array of environments in the past.

Then something happened. The earth’s rocks indicate that past catastrophes struck on a scale unlike anything we see today. The earth’s crust split open, belching toxic fumes into the sky and sending rivers of lava that swallowed up forests and everything else in their path.

The original continent also broke apart. The land rose and fell as the broken landmasses slid around and bashed into each other. A deluge of floodwaters battered the shallow seas and coasts, and then moved inland. Terrified animals roared and screamed, seeking safety but finding none.

Meanwhile, meteorites slammed into the earth, incinerating everything in their local area, leaving death and craters in their wake.

What caused these catastrophes? When did they occur, and how did life on earth survive?
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