Fake Evolutionary Science Affects Morality

Although not graphic, the following post and the link featured contain mature content. 

When discussing Darwinian evolution and its variations, the topics often include the end result of evolutionary thinking. Some people try to avoid these subjects, and disingenuously say that evolution is just biology, nothing more. We have seen how Darwin has permeated society, including "scientific" racism, abortion, euthanasia, laissez-faire capitalism, evolutionary psychology, and more.

Fake Evolutionary Science Affects Sexual Morality
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Evolution has been used to justify male promiscuity, since a man can produce a large quantity of sperm cells and fertilize many women, and that is supposed to give him an advantage. Women are supposedly careful, shy, alluring, and very selective so they can mate with the best possible man she can obtain. Interesting that our Bible-based morality involves commitment, and the emotional reactions to unfaithfulness support biblical morality and not evolution — except when it's convenient for someone looking for more sex. God created marriage between one man and one woman, and requires fidelity.

That myth of promiscuous males and selective females was based on an old study of fruit flies by botanist Angus Bateman, then extrapolated to other creatures including humans. While I have no beef with Angus, his work is hardly the basis for scientific conclusions and such far-reaching applications and get tagged with "Bateman's Principle".

Recently, the myth was soundly discredited. Women can be promiscuous (just ask Henrietta Harlot in the apartment above me), and men can be choosy. Of course, the evolutionists still clung to Darwin's ideas, spreading the other myth: humans are just animals. Evolutionary thinking has a negative impact on culture.

There are other areas that are shadowed by Darwin as well, including racism toward Neanderthals and others that were fully human. Evolution affects culture affects science regarding homosexual, transsexual, and other behaviors that are being scientifically justified (without actual science, somehow forgetting simple biology and those pesky XY chromosomes).

Many scientists fallaciously assume that empirical, naturalistic science is the only path to truth. We have seen many times that this is not only self-refuting, but has led to numerous false conclusions. Meanwhile, the public is both suspicious and fawning over science and scientists. Stay suspicious, my friends. To read about the topics mentioned above and more, click on "Darwinism Still Corrupts Culture".