Free Speech and Question Evolution Day

Question Evolution Day is very timely. Not only can people spread the word about the truth of creation and the fake science used to prop up evolution, but it is also a stand for free speech!

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

As I have stated in articles, interviews, and so on, Question Evolution Day has many layers. Ultimately, it's about proclaiming the gospel and removing a huge naturalistic stumbling block. While we're hoping to prompt honest evolutionists to question their indoctrination and see that fish-to-fish packer evolution is abundant in storytelling but sparse in evidence, QED has some other aspects on which I need to focus.

QED is an effort to encourage people to take a stand for creation (and more so in 2017, because the event coincides with Creation Sunday). Participation ranges from having events, sharing a post with a #questionevolutionday and/or #qed2017 hashtag on social media, Sunday services, or other ideas. A reason for this event is because of censorship, censure, discrimination, and bigotry against those who oppose Darwin. If you study on it a spell, you should see that there's no legitimate reason for someone to oppose our freedom of speech, as well as the intellectual and academic freedoms of those who have the audacity to think for themselves and speak out. Indeed,  consensus does not guarantee accurate science, pilgrim. Far from it, in fact, since the establishment seeks to protect its views instead of investigating challenges and rejecting inferior science.

When I said there's no legitimate reason to oppose our freedom of speech, there are atheists and other anti-creationists who want creationists shut down. Free speech only exists in the minds of people like that when they agree with what you have to say.

Secularists hate creation, and they want creationists (and Intelligent Design proponents) silenced because their origins mythology is threatened. The well-heeled atheists will attempt legislation in many cases. When Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis built the full-sized Noah's Ark, atheist organizations had conniption fits, but lost their legal challenges. Even after the project was up and running, Americans United for Separation of Church and State is still lying about it. In the UK, creation is pretty much banned from UK schools, so that propaganda machine has electrodes firmly ensconced in the heads of children. See "Evidence for Creation now banned from UK religious education classes", scroll down past the large white space patch at the top.

If anti-creationists (and let's face it, all who are opposed to our free speech) cannot prevail through the courts, they attempt to defame their targets, primarily with misrepresentation, nonexistent "facts", appeals to emotion (teaching creation is "child abuse"), and so on. (Take a gander at this narcissistic jasper who criminally cyberstalks me for emotionally-laden libel and assertions of opinions as facts.) The Internet, forums, social media, Weblogs, and so on are hotbeds of false information. Unfortunately, people seldom go to the source to find out what is really taught, said, believed, preached, since it's easy for people to find someone who agrees with their preconceptions instead. 

The most recent flagitious example of defamation is when Betsy DeVos was being confirmed as the Secretary of Education in the United States. She has connections to groups that funded Intelligent Design (gasp, shudder), and leftists (most atheists are politically and morally liberal) were afraid that she would bring in "junk science" (note the loaded negative terminology), and the liberals in the anti-creation National Education Association got on the prod.. Worse than that, Propublica states,
At a confirmation hearing earlier this month, Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s pick for education secretary, responded to a question about whether she would promote “junk science” by saying she supports science teaching that “allows students to exercise critical thinking.”
Critical thinking is something that other creationists and I have been encouraging for many years. We don't want to be like evolutionary educators and evolution industry press that tell people what to think, but equip people with tools of science, logic, and so forth so they can learn how to think. And these people are opposed to thinking skills! I'd like to recommend Albert Mohler's The Briefing, "History made in Senate as Vice President joins in confirmation vote for Betsy DeVos" for some insightful analysis. Free to download, or read the transcript.

My primary examples are based in the United States, where I live. (For my politically-oriented article on the intolerant left, see "Snowflakes Burning with Hate" and one on how the secular science industry is not only biased but promotes leftist views, see "Blind Bias in the Secular Science Industry".) When this hits the Fazebook Page for The Question Evolution Project (or if you share it to your own social media for a conversation starter), there will probably be comments regarding anti-creationist roguishness around the world. It happens. I've seen reports.

Question Evolution Day is a way to make ourselves heard. Not just for creation science or to prod thinking in the minds of honest but uninformed evolutionists, but also for free speech. I urge people to use it while we still can; don't take your freedoms for granted. This is probably my last year spearheading this effort. To find out more and how you can be involved (no cost, no registration), click on Question Evolution Day. Don't forget the hashtags, people seem to like those. #qed2017 and #questionevolutionday .