Evolutionary Psychology is Quackery

Although some owlhoots try to say that evolution is only about biology, we know that they're being disingenuous. Darwin's fake science concepts have been used to "scientifically" justify immoral behavior, and are at the root of other evils in Western society. While the field of psychology is evolutionary and God-denying in nature, evolutionary psychology is incoherent at best, and controversial even among evolutionists. It's quackery.

Evolutionary biology is harmful
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In this pseudoscience (along with evolutionary thinking in general), there is nothing special about humans except that we're more highly evolved than other animals. We are reduced to responding to stimuli, and our behavior is strictly functional, without God and biblical morality. Our behavior is "explained" in speculative evolutionary terms, many of which are contradictory and worthy of the tabloid press. The Christian worldview, beginning at creation, is the only way to make sense of the human condition, and has the necessary preconditions of intelligibility. God's written Word is the place to start.
Tabloid journalism isn’t alone in supplying dubious or salacious stories. Consider headlines based on evolutionary psychology regarding why certain behaviors happen: “It’s evolution: Nature of prejudice, aggression different for men and women”; “Some STIs Are Beneficial, and May Have Boosted Evolutionary Promiscuity”; “There’s an Evolutionary Reason Guys Like Curves”; “Female animals look drab to avoid sexual harassment, study shows”; “How make-up makes men admire but other women jealous”; “Does Postpartum Depression Serve an Evolutionary Purpose?”; “Whether It’s a Peacock Or a Porsche, Men Like to Show Off, Study Finds”; “Lady Liaisons: Does Cheating Give Females an Evolutionary Advantage? A 17-year-long study upends the most common evolutionary explanation of female infidelity.”

Can these stories be taken seriously? Or are they another major evolutionary blunder that, in this case, should be laughed off just like tabloid-style headlines? Evolutionary psychology explains human behavior as a legacy of preprogrammed adaptive actions that emerged from our alleged evolutionary struggle to survive. It applies evolutionary biology to daily living. However, does either field have scientific merit? The opinion amongst evolutionists is split. One study advocating for indoctrinating medical students with evolution claims that “evolutionary biology is a unifying principle that provides a framework for organizing medical knowledge from other basic sciences.”
I hope you have a mind to read the entire article. To do so, click on "Major Evolutionary Blunders: Evolutionary Psychology for Serious Tabloid Readers".